If i want to review one of their smart watches and yeah. I said yes, if it’s an interesting device, i will show it and they didn’t want to tell me which device i will get and it got or i got the you watch three. I already made one video about the uv 2 a while ago, and i guess they came to me that for that reason, yeah and now they sent me the umg, you watch 3 and you all know what type of reviews i like and yeah it’s a teardown Review we will do so. Unfortunately, it turned out. I already had two of their. You watch three smart watches and i did already made it here on of them to see how good they are. Yeah re, flash able and it’s, not very simple, so you can see here, i drilled holes in it to look into it with some acupuncture needles and to hook the svd port that way up, but yeah let’s do the review of the um g? U watch three and yeah it’s full touch. It has 240 by 240 pixels. It has an eight four nrf52840 and external. I think 16 mega megabytes of flash and the one guy already did an esperino part to it. So there is already a custom firmware available and the pin out and yeah such stuff. I will link the github repo in the description it’s from quasco pill. If i remember that correct, but yeah let’s see how good it is to open to open it up, i will use one hot air station we’ll set it to about 350 degrees.

We also need some kind of plier or cutter. However, it is called. I will leave the hot air laying here and we need to get out the push button on this side from the other watch. I know it is yeah quite easily broken, so let’s try. We can just close the tweezer and hopefully it doesn’t break too much now out and oops. Here we have the pin and it looked like it worked very well, so nothing is broken so far we can see later. If on the inside, something is yeah broken. He is spring inside from inside of it. Now i will simply heat up the watch itself to Music get this corner around apart, and the next thing is then to get the display away. So i will just heat a bit around we’ll: do that for a while? Okay, let’s see if it’s hot enough, but it doesn’t feel like no that’s. Far too cold let’s make the airflow a bit higher and try again the hardest part on the opening is really the push button, as it is very likely that it gets destroyed or doesn’t hold in the yeah plug anymore and that way, it’s still kind of defective. After opening it up so it’s now kind of warm and yeah, i will try to get my fingernail or a knife under the the corner piece and we can see it gets apart and now you also know why i do have so long fingernails, because you can Get into stuff quite easily, so we’ll not do it on the other side as well.

I think i need to reheat it. So this is why, over the air, hackable smart watches are so nice, as you can yeah just turn them on reflash them with any good tool and yeah. You don’t need to touch them at all, so let’s see if it’s better now, because also one part is to Music open the watch up and the other part is to close it again after it’s open. So we have quite a good um slot in it. Right now, and i try to get it further apart with a tweezer, it feels like not only the co. The corner part comes apart, but also the main display, which should not happen at this state normally, but maybe it’s glued more on this one. Okay, now the corner part comes apart better. So if i now push here, i can feel that only the corner gets here pulled up like this, and the display is still attached to yeah to the base yeah. I will reheat it. A bit will turn the airflow up again and just go slowly around the corners yeah, but it’s really hard to open it up. The watch is quite cheap at around 33 euros, but with that much hassle to open it up, it’s just too too much work and there are better possibilities or better yeah watches. So that was clearly a good amount of heat now and i will yeah just pull it further apart. So it seems like a bit of damage is already done at the button, but it’s quite quite good still, so we have.

Finally, the corner ring part away, and now we can see that the display is just laying on top of this yeah the rest of the case, and we can quite simple get into it with a knife it’s important to not go too deep into it, because the Display is then, of course, coming after a few millimeters, but yeah let’s try to not cut myself, so it really needs to be between the last glass and plastic part, and i really need to use a lot of force right now. So there definitely would be a bit of heat, not a bad thing so but i’m slowly also getting under it, and if the first is done i’m using my fingernails to yeah get into it and yeah go around one time to then. Finally, pull the display itself out like this and now it’s also possible to disconnect the display and to get it fully apart. So we are now yeah completely in the watch inside of it. We can see here the touch controller. The display here is the external flash. We have the accelerometer here, one of it, maybe the other one. Is the charging chip i’m, not sure right now, and we can also get out the pcb itself and take a look under it. So there’s one screw and we should be able to yeah get it out like this and there we have here the nrf n52840 and yeah i’m just seeing this is yeah also labeled at the test points, but also this version is the one with internal gps.

This here is is new to me, nice, the other ones here, didn’t have the internal gps. If i remember correctly so, if we open the already broken one up, we should be able to see that it’s, not with internal gps. So yes, if it’s open up one time, it’s quite easy to get it apart. Another time yeah and we can clearly see that here the nrf is on the top side and not like here on the bottom side, so that’s, strange, yeah. Okay, i should have read the description: it’s, the you watch three gps and not the standard. You watch nice addition yeah. So now you know how to open it up and what i will check as well now is if the button still holds in its place. So if i pull plug it plug it in, if i can pull it out easily and no it’s quite hard in there, so that really worked but now it’s coming apart. So maybe there is something needed to hold it back in if the watch is needed to assembled again, hey so future me here, so it turned out. I missed this little piece: it’s a small spring loaded washer, which will get clamped while the push button is inserted and if we assemble the border already, we can yeah with the spring of course, put the push button in and yeah make the spring loaded washer pop Back on again and then the push button will hold very tightly and as original intended, then you can still insert the display again and you will have a fully functioning watch again.

Here is also a close up view of the of all the damage. We must say it’s not very much to not lose the button if you are somewhere on the road and yeah. Thank you for watching it’s a bit of a long video but yeah thanks umg for sending it in the gps is a nice addition to the already quite small and cheap watch and yeah.