If not so just do it now um today i will show you. The review of intex is smartwatch. This is my intex iris smartwatch box. So, first of all, i got the level of smartwatch box Music. There we go Music. This is the intex. Is smart watch, Music, it’s, really cool nice Music design. This is the back part of smartwatch Music. So first one first Music. This is the headphone. I think it’s bluetooth, headphones, Music, okay, Music, it’s, really, nice and cool. This is, i think, charger cable with charger, cable, one for a smartwatch and one for Music headphones. This is for open the back part of smart watch. Yes open, the back part: Music, Music. Yes, Music and one for open same card of the smartwatch. I have something like that: headphone extra parts of it one there is six extra part per headphone, Music and Music Music. This is the intex iris smartwatch manual. Both. I think this is warranty card Music. Oh it’s, a dog charger for intense idc, Music, smartwatch and another thing Music. This is the extra back part of addis smartwatch, Music, okay, that’s, all Music, okay, it’s Music. If you buy this smart watch all of these things in your box, Music, one smartwatch, obviously smartwatch, then one bluetooth, headphone, really cool bluetooth, headphone, nice, Music, one charger, one back; uh part doors up for a headphone two charger, one for a smartwatch and one for headphones. For school extra scoops, this rules is for open sim card.

So first come first, i want to insert my sim card so Music, Music, okay, Music yeah. This is sim cartridge, Music food. This is my sim card. It’S, really easy uh. This is um camera, which is a 5 megapixel Music, 720 resolution. Okay, here we go Music, it’s, android, smartwatch Music. Here you can see it’s a 3.9 centimeter 1.5 with 240 into 240 resolution, 4gb rom, 512 megawatt ram 5 megapixel camera up to 30 gb extendable memory. Android kitkat gps 3g sim supported and 600 milliampere battery it’s, really nice Music, so Music smooth touch, wi, fi, bluetooth, gps flight mode data connection, brightness, okay, settings; Music; yes, it’s sitka, now, memory, storage, Music, 1.18, gb, available Music play store; videos; sorry, Music; okay, guys! This is really nice cool Music, now i’d, like to show you doctor. This is the doctor just connect this option with your laptop computer or Music electricity and then just put it that’s it? Yes, Music, nice! This is really nice and cool Music. I like to show you camera options, my camera. You can see it’s really nice, five, so it’s megapixels, nice, Music and you can see 5 megapixels is the back button, and this is the power button of this phone. You can connect your smartwatch with wi fi. You can use data connection which you want, which you prefer. The build of this smartwatch is really soft. Nice and cool so buy this smart watch from your mesh shop and enjoy smartwatch with uh android.

So i hope you find this tutorial helpful. So thank you for watching.