5: smart um! I got this as an early birthday gift a few months back and i haven’t opened it since. So i decided why not unbox it and share my opinion with you guys so yeah um, if you guys haven’t, already check out my previous video that i made uh last week, which was the uh regents park, video i went to regis park and uh explored that And that was uh really amazing. It was like a brilliant scenery and i really enjoyed that. I’Ll leave a link to that video down below in the description and make sure to check that one out and yeah. So this is the smart watch that we’re going to be unboxing and reviewing guys before we get into this product, make sure to like and subscribe for more content and further videos. Also in the description it’s going to be my instagram and my tic toc make sure to uh. Follow there, so i’ll be posting one there soon as well, so yeah let’s get into this product. So this is the box for the watch. Um let’s unbox. This thing see it comes off through the side. You guys can see that it says microphones at the top over here and uh yeah. This is the watch i charged it slightly, so i can show you guys uh. Some of the features that i include in this watch um just to save a few bit of time. Okay, so let’s open this i’ll just take a watch actually Music.

This cushion thing again protects it pretty well, so this is the watch guys i’ll go over the features in a second i’m just going to show you guys what else comes in the box: Music yeah. So this is the it comes with a charger it’s, a usb charger and it’s got a a wireless connector, so you can wirelessly uh charge your um smartwatch, underneath the here underneath the watch and um to plug the usb into any usb port available and um i’m. Pretty sure this is the uh connector for an extra connector for the strap. Oh there you go yeah all right, it’s, the um strap connector an extra one, just in case uh. It comes off or you use it. It comes off with just the uh. The manual uh that comes with the scarf is a quick start guide as well. Just in case you guys are not sure how to um use all the features on this watch. I’Ll talking about the features to watch, let’s um, take this out of this cushion thing and so here’s the watch. So if you um tap this button once over here, you can see all the apps there, so there’s torch, there’s, the phone there’s settings, there’s a calendar alarm. Yes, there’s contacts there’s the fitness uh bit, workout there’s, all different type of fitness things: google pay um, michael kors access. I think this is just the uh some sort of manual or something there’s.

A mic run club there as well um there’s play store there’s. All these other different features, the spotify uh stopwatch timer there’s loads of features on this actually i’m. Pretty surprised, um, yes, it’s. Basically, a phone on your wrist it’s, pretty that’s, really cool michael kors, has done an excellent job playing. This watch uh designing this watch, especially this background over here is actually absolutely stunning, it’s, absolutely brilliant right there and yeah. You can just look for your messages and everything down here. I think uh it all pops up and you can have the do not disturb you. Can have airplane mode, google pay all access just from here and there’s settings as well with uh various um types of settings: okay, that’s. Basically the watch itself um. This is the back of the watch it’s the side. The other side – and obviously this is below here – is where you charge it charge it right. There that’s pretty cool so yeah, that is the that’s, the unboxing then, and the review. So hopefully you guys enjoyed that um. This is uh one of my first reviews in a long time, so it’s a bit different but yeah. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that. So this is the michael kors uh generation, five smart, hey guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that brief review and unboxing of the microcore generation. Five smartwatch here is right on my wrist right now. Wait, let me switch it on there.

We go um i’m, going to adjust it slightly so that it fits my wrist, um, more securely and uh yeah, but it’s, absolutely stunning, absolutely brilliant! Watch. I really hacked off to michael kors from creating. This watch is absolutely amazing, um, but yeah hope you guys really enjoyed that um i’ll leave a link down below if you want to purchase this hope. You guys enjoyed this short.