My loves welcome back to my vlog. I am so flexible, nothing guys – and so you know guys so for today’s. Video guys is unbox style and magruder product, okay, so fascinating before please do watch my unboxing union first unboxing video! So guys today’s video 500 foreign, her name is marielle, lagaac yeah, so bago kong work mate, so so very affordable, uh. Okay, are you ready, okay guys, so we open up another yeah and Music and team speaker guys Music, my plastic protector Music? Cdrs5444M. Again, i think it is my phone. I have tapos my manual purpose almost one day, so it’s a young charger. My engage Music, my japanese, my chinese. I am so for the first time, though guys for the first time use make sure that the watch has normal power. So if the low power does not work, please connect the charger to charge the device. Okay, okay, the new functions case, and so Music in i engage all right. So next device is uh all right, so uh. This watch supports bluetooth, call view phone information for bloated connection with us uh phone case via bluetooth, gold, dots, Music, Music and charger connected and english such a charge. Nothing shall for two or two two hours or more okay, i’m gon na put Music, Music, Music and uh Music, and that was my notification Music. I end up with guys uh volume here so adjustment click, new line, plus sign or minus sign.

Okay, next is display and my style pelosi guys style click, nothing in style too, and to change the guys: Music, Music, international, Music, Music, Music and Music. Did you change case and music and mock alarm guys? You can set your alarm here so very affordable, very useful guys, so it rate kosher from one to ten as eight point five to nine yeah, so very good dementia guys all right. So thank you so much guys subscribe. Please do subscribe to everyone! Okay! Thank you! So much, and so thank you so much everyone stop watch. So please do subscribe.