. Here we have it in glacial silver. It also comes in phantom black and this retails for 99.99 links in the description below in case youre interested. I wonder if thats why its called 100 lets go ahead and get started inside. We have the quick start guide: another proprietary charging, cable, usb and heres. A look at the charging port, and here we have the watch itself. It feels really light. We have a 1.3 inch display with a 42 millimeter case. This has your usual stuff. It has gps bluetooth. This doesnt have wear os; it actually has moto watch os and ill show you how to set it up and youll need the specific moto application. This has a 355 milliamp battery water resistant 5 atm and here are the dimensions of the device and it only weighs 29 grams with the strap and im excited about this watch, because i, like things that you dont, have to charge very often, this says up to Two weeks battery life, so even if i get a week id be happy compared to two days with my galaxy watch for classic alright and lets take a quick look around before we go ahead and set it up, heres a view from the front. No rotating bezels. Here so here it is with the screen off, you can just lightly tilt to wake. The screen up here are the two buttons on the side our little sensor here, and that is where your charger will go here on the right.

All right lets go ahead and just set this up heres the application youll need to set up and to sync your watch, its called moto watch and its from perimeter home, safe monitoring limited. I was apprehensive about downloading this because it wasnt for motorola, but this is the app you need all right. So this is what the application looks like. I have already signed in. So if you havent it looks slightly different. Youll have to create a login and allow all of the permissions to add your watch just tap on your profile picture and tap on add device, and here its already popped up, ready to set up youll have to give it location, access go ahead and just tap Continue and allow all the permissions go ahead and just tap your watch once its been found and tap pair this device first error failed to pair lets. Try this again take two all right lets: try this again search for our watch now with the pop up. Go ahead and tap, allow access to your contacts and call history and tap pair so thats, where my mistake was normally. I prefer to just go through the app, but in this case you also have to go through the notification and tap accept another error code. Here. Java.Net socket timeout exception. Timeout all right well lets continue. The setup process lets set up sleep monitoring uh. I dont sleep that much six and a half hours all right guys.

Well, our watch is completely set up, so ill, be replacing my galaxy watch 4 with this moto watch 100. from first impressions its really light. It reminds me of the amaze fit watch bands in terms of its os, because thats kind of what it is its its own proprietary os that you can have really awesome battery life, but well also check out what other features it has alright guys. Thats, our quick unboxing and setup of the moto watch 100.. If you guys have any questions, leave us a comment down below.