. So for this year for 2021 nagano karim, smartwatch named heart monitoring, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, waterproof, smart watch, pero, mejo, titan budget mo smart watch; smart watch capacity in a 260 mega ampere and battery life up to 20 days in terms of body size or dimension 48. By 36 by 11.5 millimeter weight in 38 grams, displaying a 1.4 inch tft lcd and resolution of 320 by 320 pixels ability to show sharpie mode for only 1029 pesos and make a summoner screen protector and mama install koto pero indicator outcome. So it raining at the box and by long pressing the function button for three seconds so come first time within a power on it on halo, solar, ls02, first i’m, going to make the lagundito sahilo application. Somapapan senior nahumi hingishan information to have an access to my phone first time. User cannot heal your application by the comment sign up now account or by the command login using your facebook or twitter account better for this time. Facebook gaga meeting or that on twitter account. So the lower corner make it a main device to select malangion. Why do my scanning qr code or add device to search nearby devices? Select your healer smart watch too, and ke langa alarm clock watch. You select, enable molang detail application agustoma notified when a message for the modern ableton race up arm parama, updates a halo application and 12 hour time format. It is a halo application, updating duration from five seconds in 15 seconds and deep sleep modification and real time weather monitoring next is mountain breathing exercise, so paralong shy, inhale, exhale, malalads, so again, breathing in breathing out so breathing in the new heart rate, monitoring and etc.