My name is mirela and what i do here is uh reviewing different products in today’s video we’re gon na take a look at uh, this newly released smartwatch by michael kors. This is a 42 millimeter display and it’s a gen 5e. Now, before we do guys, you need to know that i am not here to sell you the product. I am here to demonstrate uh, but in case you decide to buy anything to any of the links that i have posted on my channel. I might actually earn a small commission now with that being said again, my goal is not to sell you things. My goal is to have you as a subscriber and have you finished watching this video and like it and hopefully one day youtube is gon na pay. Me for all of the hard work i’m doing here, but without any further delay, let’s pop this baby open and take a look now, as you can see, the box is just really really beautiful. Now i know that you can that you can see the light, but i decided to film this in a light box. Just so you can um just so. You can really really see uh the beauty of the watch or whatever appearance is. You might not find it beautiful, but let’s pop it open. Oh my goodness, i was sitting on this for a couple of days waiting. Ah there we go Music. Oh my gosh, okay.

I am excited just by removing that um that foil, that was giving us that ugly glare – oh this retails at 350 and amazon, but oh my gosh wow, look at it. Look at it! Yeah, okay, let’s, take it out, but let’s take a look at the watch. You see how now we really like to have all of these led lights: there’s no glare, but it just looks really really awesome. So i’m gon na go ahead and remove this, oh what’s, that that is a perfectly crystally, clear, i’m thinking. This is sapphire glass but wow. Okay, so you can see around the display the zirconiums. I think there are zirconiums. They may be uh swarovski crystals, but i didn’t see anything on the box, so i’m, not gon na i’m, not going to assume the bracelet. This bracelet is, i, like it but i’m, not too crazy about the appearance of this bracelet. I kind of really prefer more of a sporty bracelets but it’s not about my preference it’s about showing you this baby. If you look at the the crown there is a mk engraved on the other side is a charger. There is that’s, the the clasp thought there’s going to be a michael kors engraved on the clasp, but um it’s not i’m, going to remove this too. So this is supposed to be a fitness tracker, a heart rate, um it’s supposed to read your messages, prep your messages i mean completely get connected with your phone, just like all of the smart watches, um i’m gon na go ahead and put it on my wrist.

So we can kind of put in a perspective of how big is 42 millimeters. Now my wrist is just really standard. Oh, how about that? There is michael kors engraved on the clasp there to fold it in that way and then fold the side on the top and ta dah there. It is hmm. What do you guys think? I think this is just really pretty and now that i have it on my wrist. I kind of don’t mind this don’t mind this bracelet i’m sure it’s interchangeable, which i am going to find out, and then i am going to uh. Let you know on the follow up review. You can easily remove the links. Well, you have to have a special tool to adjust the size which i do have and i’m gon na do that right now and what else is in the box of course, there’s a thick book just really really premium packaging, uh quick, start guide charger um. The watch doesn’t have any juice, so i’m gon na have to charge it up and then um and then i want to be back. This looks like one of those apple chargers. Obviously it is not apple charger, but oh it’s also magnetic so it just snaps itself. In but yeah right now, i don’t have anything um anything else, that’s useful for you guys so i’m gon na be back with uh, with uh different reviews after a couple days.