We are going to do the unboxing of a smartwatch from noise, which is color fit pro 3., so without wasting any time let’s get started so guys. This one is the retail box of color fit pro 3, as you can see, and it is, it was india’s number one wearable watch brand in 2020, so that is, that is something very good. We have already seen the color fit pro 2. I had made a video and you guys gave a good response to that one. So thanks for that – and this watch is specifically designed in india, so that is also something very good. Now, uh, if you can see over here, the the variant which i have is of jet black color and it has the blood oxygen monitor, then stress, monitor female health tracking. It has 1.55 inches color touch screen. The resolution is mentioned over here. Then there are multiple cloud based watch faces it they claimed they have 10 days battery life, it is waterproof and there are 14 sports mode. So uh guys. This would be really a good smart watch from noise fit and the apps are available both in app store. As well as google play store, so that is something very good. Let’S try to find out like how this one turns out to be so guys let’s try to find out like what are all the box contents and how does the noise color fit? Pro 3 looks like so i will remove this upper cover of this box by sliding this box, and then we also have one more cover, so i’ll remove this and inside this we would be having all the contents of this.

Usually, we have the watch, the charger and a few documentation – okay, so we have envelope over here and i believe there would be documentation inside this let’s try to find out what are all documentation. So this is the welcome note from noise, and we also have this register your warranty. It means you can register the warranty of your device by scanning this qr code from your noise fit pro app i’ll keep it aside for now, then this is the user manual which is there, so it would be helpful for the new users so as to understand What are all the various features, so the various features are daily activity, heart rate stress levels, then um all the other features are mentioned over here. It also has the breathe mode, then you have the stress, monitor where the music control timer etc. So basically, all all the features are mentioned in this one, and it is a good thing to have. I mean if you are interested in actually reading all these features and knowing about the watch, so this user guide would be helpful. Now let’s check out the watch itself, so the first impression watch looks quite amazing and i must say: noise has done a good job in this one, and the weight of the watch is quite light. I’Ll remove this, so the good thing is, you have got various straps which you can purchase from the noise website and you can remove this straps and i mean you can customize your straps as per your liking.

So that is a good thing and i must say, the quality of the strap is good and the weight of the watch is quite less so this is good i’ll remove this cover, so it looks quite amazing, but for now i’ll keep this watch aside and let’s See what are all the other box content? So? Lastly, we just have the charger inside this and the charger is the typical magnetic charger which we also had for the noise color fit pro 2.. So this one is of uh magnetic type and the other end is of usb, so you can connect it to your mobile charger or maybe you can uh insert into your usb drive. This is the magnetic charging port. You just need to clamp it, and your watch will start charging now. Let’S talk about few other sensors, which are heart rate sensor, sp o2 monitor is also provided and this one. So that is a good feature to have. So this is the watch button. I can say by which you can jump into various settings, so in all the watch looks quite good. Now let’s try to find out like how is the display of this watch and how is the touch response of this watch? So this watch has 1.55 inches trueview display, which is the ips display, and the color reproduction in this one is quite amazing, and the color looks quite vibrant in this one. The touch response is also quite satisfactory at a given price point.

Then, if you want to come out of any screen, you just need to press the button and you will be into the home screen, so that is also something very good. Now this is the toggle screen, quick toggle screen, wherein you can turn on the do not disturb mode directly. Then there are uh the brightness settings in which you can adjust the brightness. There are three levels of brightness in this one and there are few other uh, quick, toggle settings which you can find in the screen, and it is quite handy, the battery life, which they claim is of 10 days. So that is something very good i’ll explore. It then, the next screen which we have is of the activity tracking. Then we have the heart rate, monitoring spo2 monitoring. So that is something very good. Then we have 14 different activity modes. Then we have the music control in this one and there are various watch faces which can be customized. So in all. This is a very good watch at a given price point, so guys, noise fit app is required to sync all the data into the mobile phone. So this was a quick unboxing of noise fit color pro 3. hope.