I have five hours sleep according to the club, the watch the sleep monitor and it is thursday november 25. I think look what i got. I got another package. This one was a surprise because the tracking did not show it leave china yet but let’s get to the opening. It is super light styrofoam, interesting whoa, so it it is basically a new smartwatch, 24 canadian dollars free shipping. So it comes with a super thick owner’s manual in some of the world’s, most smallest text, omg smartwatch users guide – that is some of the smallest text. I’Ve ever seen it comes with the watch and the world’s tiniest little cord usb cord. This is by far the smallest i’ve ever seen, wow so cute c type. So i can use my other cord, but this is it ready? Twenty 24. drumroll Music? Oh yeah, now the reason i i went to get this is this one is starting to not track. My my steps, it’s, not tracking my my sleep time, it’s random. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t on the back of it. This little sensor just gathers my skin and my sweat, and it really stinks i’m constantly having to clean it so off with the old it’s. Still a good watch, the battery lasts around four to five days, it’s pretty good. Now this one here was forty dollars, so it was more expensive, but it had a lot more functions than this one.

This one is really going to be just a watch, so it has a little speaker. It has the usb connection and it has the the menu button function and then the display so comparison to this display they’re relatively the same. The the total weight diameter this one’s, much bigger, but the actual display on the inside is about the same blue versus this cool orange, which i really like. But i thought i would do blue this time so there’s some kind of oh it’s, the it’s. This um protects protection shield thingy, so let’s check it out i’m liking. It oh yeah, so i’m going to charge it up and give it a try and i’ll come back and we’ll do a review of this smartwatch. Now this came in uh. On march 1st i don’t mean i ordered it on march 1st, so it took a little bit longer for it to arrive than yesterday’s camera wide angle converter, so a little bit longer to arrive. But it is here today so i’m going to charge it up and i’ll come back all righty. So today is saturday march 27 and it is now 10 30 p.m. I’Ve been using the new smart watch for two full days. I let it charge fully, and it it uh is almost after two days is almost out of battery juice. Now you’ll see notice. The the screen is clear, but i used it outside in this in the sunlight and i could barely see the display and the functions of the the smartwatch there it’s touch screen.

So we have here um the the the standard smartwatch apps. We have a phone book. We have a dialer, we have messaging call logs uh we have can play the music. We can use the camera shutter button with this phone um. We have anti loss. So, when we’re connected to the phone, if the phone is drops connection, the the um watch will vibrate uh. You can set the ring tone. So if i had um this phone, this watch linked to my phone when the phone rings. When i get an incoming call, it would come show up on here right. That is a smart watch. So you’ve got a calendar, you have a pedometer, you have a stopwatch. You can set up a time through the day that you want to be notified to rest. So that’s pretty handy, you have a time you want to set to be reminded to have a drink, that’s, pretty handy, you have the calculator and sleep mode is kind of interesting. This one, the sleep mode is automatic because everything is censored through the back. Now this one, if i want to start monitoring my sleep well, i i got to go into the sleep mode and i have to click the start. Button kind of is weird and it’s too bulky i don’t, like i didn’t, i couldn’t, wear it sleeping so that’s that so anyhow, some of these functions, like that’s too small for my big hands i’d, have to use one of those little pens that you can buy And touch it, but anyhow so, and you have different screen, there are uh four different face face watch faces, you have two digital and two analogs the analogs look terrible.

This is by far the best easiest for me to read so anyhow, the so it has the on and off switch so it’s, not auto sensing. So you, basically you have to press the button, the function button on and off and that’s handy. I actually like that, because you know i want to check the time i just tap it when i’m ready. I turn it off just to save on battery juice, so that’s the only button we have there. There is a speaker and a microphone, because if this is linked to the phone, when an incoming call, i can actually take the call through here speak into the mic, and you know so and then i can hear the person i don’t know how it would work. Now, that’s, the usb port and in order to to access it, you’ve, got to take this little rubber device out and you see it’s not attached so once you’ve charged it. You have to then somehow put this back in. I couldn’t figure it out when i charged it, so i just left it off for now i’m going to charge it again, but you got to put it back in there and there in itself. I don’t know if it’s waterproof, i wouldn’t test it, but i’ll put the price of this smartwatch right here, because i i can’t remember what it is yet, but, as you can see there it’s pretty, it was pretty cheap. So for the price you get what you pay for: there’s, no sensors on the back it’s, just a plain, simple metal – and i like that, because this one with the sensor, this is rigid and you’ve got this thing.

All this rigidness collects when it’s on your wrist collects your sweat and your skin cells, and it just gets really stinky really quick. So this one i’m thinking will be not as bad. I like the blue, but i like the orange as well so uh. Look at the battery on that one. It is really quite still really really good. This i charged days before i charged this one, and this one lasts two days. Approximately the battery juice is on the last little bar and it’s been around two full days. So if i don’t charge it tonight, no doubt tomorrow morning, it’ll be dead. I’Ll have to charge it in the morning i’m gon na. Let it go the full course, but it took me um two hours to charge it uh this one from empty takes about an hour, so it’s really quick. So i you know overall, i still like this watch. You know i, like the color of it it’s case sensitive, the the the sleep timer doesn’t work as much anymore. It used to be automatic, but it doesn’t do it anymore. The heart rate does work, so i like this one still uh, but the main thing is just the stinkiness is the big one that for me i don’t know why. But i thought i would get a new one and for the price you can’t really complain. I mean if i get a a year’s use out of this i’m.

Okay with that.