We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. We hope you’re getting your gifts and we got ours which is kids smartwatch. So in this video we are going to be unboxing a cjc kids smartwatch. This watch works on 4g technology. You could video call voice, call, you could even voice a message and it also has a gps tracker. Now let’s see what’s inside the box. The smart watch this watch here is the magnetic charger, the screwdriver, the sim helper and the instructions now i’m going to turn on the watch on cjc Music, i’m gon na show you the apps now so we have contact. We chat friends, phone video, call, camera gallery childhood settings, steps and qr code, and we could even change the faces of the watch, the ones that your favorite you could change it into that, but for now we’re going to keep it normal. This watch requires a nano sim card for calling i got speed talk mobile, smart watch, sim now, let’s install the sim card inside the watch make sure the watch is turned off before installing the sim. Before installing the sim. You need to activate the sim. Please follow the instructions on the sim card. I am done installing the sim card now let’s turn on the watch and see the settings so over here it shows the 4g network and the strength of the network. Now let me call my mom hello, i’m inside the office in this watch.

You could also connect to the wi fi, so you have to go to settings, you have to click wi fi and then you could turn on the wi fi connect to the wi fi. To use the video calling contacts, the gps tracker or the alarm, you need the mobile app to connect the watch. We need to download se tracker app when you open the app for the first time you to register with the app i’m done with the registration. Now i need to bind my watch. This app needs access to take pictures and record videos since we’re going to do video calling when i’m gon na press allow media files and devices now i’m going to add my watch to this Music app. I scanned the barcode and it has taken the wash number and i’m going to call. This watch watch one one we are inside the app now and it shows the current location of the watch. We could also video call and add the contacts using the app inside the watch. The watch comes with the magnetic charger, but not the adapter. You can use any adapter that you have at home now. I’Ll demonstrate the video call Music Applause now i’ll demonstrate the voice messaging hi. This watch has an important feature which um you can send sos messages to your parent. If you need immediate help to set the sos feature, we need to add the sos family number inside the app to use the ss feature.

We need to press this button for three seconds or more and then the call will sent.