Um today is we are going to unbox the series six. So this is the series six series six i watch um. This is not the original it’s a premium copy, and yes, so it is the gt 7, something like that: gt, preset, gt37 plus yeah it’s kind of like that and Music. So first you’ll see this so today we’re going to do an unboxing of this and a short review. So you see it says over there a watch and then there’s a blue over here next. So this is what you see first. So when you open it up, you’ll see just like the original apple watches, you see the different color of the watches they have, and then you see this thing it says watch over here. So, by the way, the last video is only asmr edition, but this is not an asmr edition, so you see this thing and we open it up. You will see here it says a smartwatch and then you will see this this thing above it has english in chinese of how to put it, and then you get the crisp band over here then over here, you’ll get the watch. Take this wrap in this plastic test this and when you remove it, you’ll see the screen of the watch, so it has a free tempered glass. When i open this, the tempered glass is there. It is in there and yeah and then, when we open this thing up this thing let’s get this you will see here.

So this is not included. I just put it in here and you see is the manual. The manual is too long. It has english and chinese, and i don’t know yeah so this this you see, wait there’s, also a charger included, so the manual i think it has japanese or i don’t know. This is kind of like, like japanese, but i don’t know if that japanese and then you will see the charger, so i also got a free strap from the cellar Music and i choose the black color and yeah. I saw that case. I just put it here and i think that’s everything so let’s put this thing back, just put it guys, um uh, putting this thing back um. I just want to tell you that thank you for subscribing to to study sibling squad and please keep subscribing because we are going to 500 subscribers. I know it’s not that much, but at least we get a 100 subscribers and yes, so once again, thank you. So much for giving us 800 subscribers. Now we are road to 500 subscribers. So now, once we get this thing, uh let’s proceed to the watch itself, so um. So let me just give you a review of the seller, so the seller in here is um. Really nice to talk because they are so responsive and everything’s tough. So now we have here, the watch let’s turn this thing on now. So when you turn it on it, that’s not the screen it.

The screen is yes, so here’s the strap. So here is the um wallpaper right there. So when i turn it on, it is portuguese, portuguese and yeah, but i just know how to do it. If that happened, and the sellers will tell me and first i think it is used, but it isn’t it’s. Just i don’t know maybe it’s made in portugal yeah it’s happening. I don’t know if that’s right and yeah so look at the screen. It has the pro dictator button or thing, and but this can button isn’t working, it’s, just fake and because the um series 5 is not the rotary button. It’S, not this thing it’s only this thing and yeah. So this is so good and you could also choose your wallpaper. You could use your own wallpaper so like me, so i can use my own face and yes, so you could also change it to the nine apps and there you go it’s nine apps, oh guys. So that’s it and yeah. So let me give this a review, so this thing is really good. Um, the um bit per second of this thing is really accurate, because i’ve tried this on, like um the smart, um blood pressure monitoring and it has like bit per mini and i’ve um i’ve used this thing and that thing and it’s it’s the same. So that means it’s accurate, so here you’ll see when you see that thing it has it’s link, though it’s also what i like, and it also has like a temperature.

I think this is temperature. Wait. I think that isn’t them pretty true. Oh here it is so it’s measuring. I am 36.5 degrees celsius and let’s. Try it on my forehead. I don’t know if it’s done, it’s still measuring so it’s kind of hot in here so it’s 36.7, so yeah. This is so cute and yeah. I think that’s everything, so it is really accurate. It is really nice. So thank you for watching don’t forget to like share and subscribe and ring the ding ding ding dong bell and also subscribe to this recipe squad bye, so guys that’s. It guys. Thank you for watching and um don’t forget to like share and subscribe and drink. Something is engaging down below so you’ll get notified when i post another video so guys for more videos, it’s here and yes so subscribe to my channel and the three sibling squad and yeah so that’s.