What do i mean by uncharted territory? I got my coffee. I got this box that contains a smart watch that i’ve never heard of, and i know absolutely nothing about. I also have the trusty lady here with me: i’ve been brushing her off, so came out to get some air just hang out with her for a little bit, so without further ado, let’s get to it Music. What we seem to have here is the gt2. This can be used on google play or it could be using the app store so it’s compatible with android and ios. I thought i was gon na have to stick this on my phone too, because i didn’t think it would be ios compatible. So let’s get this out of here. Don’T want to drop it and before you all said yes, let’s let’s address the fact that it has a crown. It does look like an apple watch. Okay, all right have we had our moment. Are we over it? Now? Okay, let’s take this off nice little square screen there Music and they included a band silicone. Looking band they’re quick, the quick release. Bands have to look and see what the millimeters are on this. Let you know what the sizing is on this man, but that means you know you can change them out see if we have any juice, it’s, always a question. How do i even turn this on i’m gon na just make a guess at it and i will be corrected vibrating.

We do have slight bezels on this. If y’all can’t really tell you can see me there, you go there’s a bezel here, there’s a bezel there and there’s slight bezels on the side. So just see because you see this big round screen here. Well rectangly screen here: there’s a smaller square on the inside. The gt2 smartwatch quick guide, so this is all we have here. It tells us how to charge it. It looks like the charging isn’t gon na be q. Wireless charging people you’re gon na have to plug it in some of the functions that this is gon na. Have is gon na have the egc heart rate and blood pressure. I will post a picture of what this costs on amazon at the making of this links will be in the description for this watch, where you can pick it up on amazon two day. Prime, i will use this watch this weekend. Yes, in place of my samsung galaxy active 2 that i just got okay, i took some time out to install that band for you, so you didn’t have to endure that, of course, nothing’s going to be recorded right now. I have not connected it to anything but let’s see if we can get this set up for ios. If you don’t want to use a qr code, you can go to willfit from the app store and there it is so here’s what fit and i’m going to get now.

That’S downloading we’re going gon na open it. Now we’ll tell you this. They said you can’t go directly from bluetooth, which is kind of obvious if they’re telling you to do an app related fitness data such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, ecg, hrv, temperature, three breath rate and sleeping information not used to not used to medical use. It’S not to be used for medical use before making any medical decision. Please go to your doctor for consulting okay, hit that and i’m hit. I know, and now i have to set up an account how about we just do this for trial. We do it for trial under trial mode. All data is saved and cell phone and will be erased if removed from out loud that’s. Fine, so we’re gon na go device bound, so it found it allowed i’m a female about to give you all my information, what they even ask for skin color. What do y’all think about in here somewhere i’ll, take that we got calories and step goals ain’t that crazy sleep cycles, i don’t know we’re at push notifications, they say: hey. Do you want for calls text, uh, facebook, twitter, twitter, of course instagram not for gmail? I think we’re good with just the ones i’ve selected heart rate detection, blood pressure, yeah we’re gon na – do all this we’re gon na ask for it to do everything we got jane here, taking a job, so we can log exercise and again i’m just using this.

In trial mode, because i didn’t want to create a login while we’re shooting this video but i’m, definitely using this all weekend, i need to get the full. You know experience here’s, where all your sensors and stuff are here’s, where you’re going to charge the watch. This is our charger and they said the first charge takes typically two hours, it’s, probably a magnetic type deal Music welcome back it’s been a week, and i know a lot more than i did when i unbox this watch and for the price of this watch. Color me impressed the battery lasted me a full week. We’Re gon na go over things. I like about this watch things i dislike about this watch and whether this might be a good watch for you. I can see a lot of people in the market for a watch like this let’s get started. First, let me shout out my girl over here who’s been hanging tough with me. These dogs are loyal, let’s go over the app itself and how much i like, or just like that, so i kept this in trial mode. I haven’t done any exercising the reminder to get up and move around is more annoying than most. For me, with steady buzz, like i felt like, i was getting a phone call or something my least favorite thing about this watch is the fact there is no speaker on it. So everything’s vibrating, i like audible alerts as well as vibrations, but that’s, just something that’s, not part of the routine.

With this watch new speakers, i have message reminders turned on for calls text, twitter and instagram. I have it set to rotate when you turn your wrist green brightness duration. I said it wasn’t bright enough for me or didn’t last as long it’s only five seconds. I think i cranked it up to 15 because that’s the usual for me. I could not adjust the brightness itself on the watch, as you will see it’s, not really that great i’m out here in the sunshine, but if i’m inside it’s fine, i never used an alarm event reminder. I have used the rotate the wrist to take a photo i’ll. Do this and i’ll just rotate my wrist and then i come back and it took that picture kind of neat. I mean for a cheaper watch, that’s pretty decent yeah switch setting. You have automatic heart rate, detection, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, night monitoring and scientific sleep and low consumption mode. I didn’t activate the bottom three because i don’t sleep in jewelry. I could not make myself sleep in this watch might be why i got seven days out of it might not. Who knows, but i don’t sleep in any of my watches and with my android watch i’m. Currently getting three days again. I got seven out of this. One, those are your options right. My heart rate maximum is set at 172.. I didn’t set that that’s what came as, and it tells you all your warnings for the uh rate scope.

This is the device itself, the watch when i’m. Looking at the app i come back out of there with health. Yes, i haven’t taken many steps today and no, i haven’t exercised at all. I don’t track sleep, but my heart rate, it says it’s average at 81, beats per minute. The last time i did my blood pressure, it said 119 over 78.. I think that was today yeah. That was today, but i know i did one prior to that Music. Probably last week. Oh this thing does it by itself all the time? Look at that when i first got the watch the first time i did it when i was recording the video. It was 123 over 85, but it shows throughout the day how it goes up and down. I think that’s pretty neat, and so, if you want to track the week or the month, that’s pretty neat heart rate does the same thing. The fluctuation of my heart rate, granted when i did some of these ecg’s, i would buy my fist stuff and things like that to try to see if it actually changed anything again. I was using this on ios. I did not know if eye messages would come through and they did. I was pleasantly surprised by that there’s, an instagram alert, it’s, very basic there’s, nothing, animated or anything, and it is in military time. I mean i’ve never had a problem with that. Maybe some would, if i’m looking at the alert, i really don’t care, there were a number of different screens.

You could use you can’t, add any more, but uh. You had four things that thoroughly confused me when i first got this watch and the book isn’t that deep and intense there were so many settings unless you know to move these down, you don’t know they’re there i’m trying not to get a glare for y’all, but I’M, sorry, this watch didn’t get any brighter. There are various exercises you can have for your sports outdoor, walk outdoor run, indoor, walk, indoor, run, hiking, stair, stepper outdoor cycle and stationary bike. Oh i’m, sorry there’s, another row, elliptical and rowing machine. You got a countdown. You have a stopwatch. You have information. Information usually shows you, your last alert that’s about all you’re, getting you can’t go through a series of threads or anything to that nature. Let’S do a heart rate, first, okay, because i think i’m pretty sure this one just requires a sensor beat on the wrist, and i think i have to hit this button here for it to start here. Okay, there, it is Music, the sp oxygen level. Two some of these functions work as soon as i turn the camera off. So let’s try this again oxygen level for normal lungs fall between 80 and 100 milliliters, which is between 95 and 100 i’m. Trying to do an ecg for y’all, i can also start the test from my actual phone Music. Okay. So the only test that registered was the one when i first got to watch so let’s do another one.

If i do start testing, they want you to get your posture right and get ready to test and then you’re gon na hit start and then i’m gon na just hold here and i’m gon na say it i know. Well, i see the numbers jumping back there. Music, so it says it’s finished and i’m gon na say week here and safe. I have no clue how to read a e c g, so y’all can tell me if i’m down or not, but i can look at all of this and it will replay my results back to me because i’m supposed to be quiet and have my finger on The actual node on the watch and keep the sensor on my arm, while this is going on so that replays and it gives you an explanation for everything that’s. My qt interval – and this is my hrv – is used to measure the difference between heartbeat intervals and it tells you how to do it if you haven’t done it and they look like the nike design off the apple watch, that’s. What it looks like to me, but hopefully this little watch will help somebody out here for a 50 watch. This does a lot a lot of things that the big time watchers do. It does not do some of the things that the big time watchers do, but if you’re just looking for something simple for notifications, great battery life, if you’re concerned about health conditions with your heart and things of that nature, this is an awesome watch for you to Try out this might be a good starter, smart watch for somebody who is going to have their first smart watch.

You want to see if they’re responsible enough for the big time watch and they don’t need anything, but maybe a facebook instagram a twitter and text and call alerts it works with ios. It works with android. I thank y’all for coming by and watching this watch. Video on the gt2 watch, we will check you out on the next video ain’t that right ladybird, lady she’s gon na ignore me now.