Let me show you guys my view real fast. Look at that ice, color Music for myself that i’ve been wanting for such a long time, um it’s, a smart watch and it’s from fossil to gen 5., so i’m gon na be showing you guys a little bit of how everything works. A little bit i’m new to this thing, so just Music uh. I like this box, it’s very small it’s, very compact. I can’t show you all of this because y’all trying to run up in my house – and i was saying y’all crazy people are crazy out here. Crazy people but uh anyways – it only took a day to get here so um let’s open this up yeah. I already uh slid that open already already. I already like the box because uh how it’s printed and everything um look at how beautiful the inside of this look at the craftsmanship. Oh there’s, this cardboard box. I may just keep this box because of how beautiful it looks. First thing i noticed, though, is this: what is this? I need to figure out what what is this stuff Music, so i figured out this right here, though these are just my return details. I don’t need to worry about that. I don’t really care this right here, though, like just appreciate the fact that it’s a box within a box, but now it’s time to get this box out of this box. I get that out of here and show y’all what this is all about.

So what i like about this already is the fact that it’s gold – because i ordered it – gold um, because gold is just something i should have you know what i’m saying it’s. Just you know to my right. Am i right so i had to switch to the kitchen because my son, he don’t, play that so i opened it up and everything um inside this box there’s. I guess oh there’s, another minute. Oh this, stick hold on all right. Damn look at this instruction manual! This is a real life like kit, like oh okay, hold on hold on it’s, got like all the languages. Oh okay, never mind. It’S got languages of all the ones all over the world knows: oh yeah it’s got mad languages. No wonder why it’s so thick? Okay! So yeah i’m reading this on my own time so yeah about that one, this okay, this is the one that i need to work all right, how you turn it on everything like that already i already downloaded that so, if um you ever get one of these Types of watches they need to be paired with um, where by google, so i’m gon na grab my cell phone real, quick open this up all right, so i got that already going got that ready. I got ta take this get that out of here. Oh that’s, crazy, okay, so this is the charger um it’s like magnetic. It goes on the back right there and that’s also a sensor as well.

I really like this watch. I like this concept and everything, is i like how how like weighted it is it’s like it’s, like an actual watch like i’ll know that it’s there on my wrist um, so i’m gon na just, i guess i’m gon na turn this. So i plugged it in and then i unplugged it and now i’m about to plug it back in, but this is what you get when you turn it on, which is crazy. Yeah turn on baby wake up; wake up; wake up now, i’m, going to start my setup. I guess you know what i’m saying i’m gon na start my setup with everything i agree. All right, i told y’all, i told y’all man: i’m. I’M uh. You know i’m a little i’m a little slow at this thing you know i’m saying i mean i’m trying to figure this out myself. I didn’t really turn it on. You know i’m saying i thought it automatically turned on, but let’s keep going, let’s keep going so tap to begin Music. We don’t want that. We don’t want that. We don’t want that. I don’t even know what this says. Oh brother, this guy stinks i’m having technical difficulties hold on all right all right. I finally got it to english. I don’t know what type of language it was in. It was in some crazy language. I had to search for it, but i found english so now. We’Re going to agree to the terms um i’m going to just connect this name: oh yeah, we’re gon na wait, we’re gon na we going we’re gon na connect it’s connecting baby.

You see that you see that you see it. You see it. Oh yes, yeah let’s pair that because that’s, the right that’s, the right code, that’s the right code for it it’s the right code, for it says it’s gon na take a little sec. Okay, this is actually pretty alive, though you know what i’m saying i’m really liking. This design like and then apparently this is a little speaker right here, though, like i can’t wait to actually like fully try these things out. You know what i’m saying try out these functions. Next, you know what i’m saying i like how the interface on here is really smooth. This camera really i’m. Sorry, the um the face itself is very um. You can see it’s clear, you know what i’m saying granted it’s small, but you can still see it’s very, very clear. The setup is finally complete. Everything is done. What i like about this already is this cool interface. The garrett hr um it’s got pretty much everything you need that you can control from your phone to the watch. Um so right here, it’s got the little charging it’s at 71 percent. I’M glad it came over 50 percent charge because now i just want to use it um, it says more watch faces because i guess you can change the watch faces so let’s see oh that’s insane. Look at all of these look at all these hold on change them for days like all of those and then i can possibly download more apparently i’ve i’ve done a little bit of research as well.

Um go through my advanced settings, oh tilt, to wake up. Yeah i’m gon na do that? Why not? Why not notifications, i’m gon na do all that and we’ll figure that out in a minute, though so yeah i actually like this whole setup and everything right here um. So this is the interface of my phone um. I swipe it down. I get like a drop down menu, just like how you would on your regular phone when you swipe it down. You see all that crap up at the top swipe it back up swipe up this way. I don’t have any notifications that come through on my phone, yet i swipe this way. That’S my google and then i swipe this way – and this is my fitness mom. My fitness tracker. I guess like it’s crazy, you know what i’m saying it like keeps track of everything for me. Um i’ll, tap that let’s see what happens. Oh it’s, like my heart rate, monitor oh that’s insane, so that i can just put my heart rate. I mean i can check out my heart rate any time you know i’m saying see what’s up with me, and this is gon na be great, because i am an mma fighter and i’m very active. So you know i can see when i’m overworking myself or not get enough work, so this is gon na be great. This is gon na, be really really great um, so it says, push this button for apps.

Oh, this is insane. It has so many different apps. Oh fit breath what fit workout flashlight it has a flashlight. Is that from my phone does it make my phone? Does it does make my phone that’s insane? Okay, sorry i’m excited about this. Oh that’s, insane all right, i’m gon na just keep that right there. So dang this this phone, i mean this phone. I can actually oh, it says, enable phone call audio on this device. Don’T ask me again because i’m saying yes, it says: what do i have? I have this one. Now you can answer phone calls. That is insane. Yes, i’m gon na continue setting this thing up by myself. Music.