com and today we’re doing a quick unboxing of the atmos fit vitali. Okay, we bought this from shoppi a couple of days ago, um from kimsour, okay, so first time to buy from kim sorry but i’ve been i’ve. I know i’ve known about kimchi for very, very long, okay, so there’s three variants, the black, the grayscale and the pink. What i got is the grayscale so here’s the box. As you can see, it was in a bubble wrap when it got here. Um it’s supposed to be able to track your steps and distance tracking heart rate monitors sleep monitoring. They have a new app. It works on android and ios, clip charging uh, waterproof and anti dash protection, full color display and impeccable industrial design. Often it looks like the apple watch we’re gon na, compare it later when i get my wife’s watch, okay, um, but at first glance the way i look, i see it, it looks like it. It resembles that the apple watch so i’m gon na open it up. Now, Music, so here’s the charging clip it’s a you usb connector and there’s. A clip okay, looks, familiar, looks like i have had or have something like that looks like the same: okay so and that’s the watch itself that’s it that’s the only two things inside Music, the box. Okay, not sure, if there’s a manual it’s heavy compared to the huawei watch, which is so light. Okay, so it says film protection, so let’s see if it’s gon na turn on Music it’s, not turning on okay.

So, as you can see, there’s the sensor in the back Music and there’s, the two clips for when you’re gon na charge it okay, Music and there’s, looks like these are the clips so that you can remove yeah. It moves the strap okay, we’re gon na. Do that later, i’m gon na try and see if it’s gon na charge because it’s not turning on so we’re gon na charge it with our trusty power bank. Here the jaguar power bank have had this for about a couple of years already so there you can see it’s it turned on and it says it’s zero percent. So we need to charge it first and then we’ll come back in a little while Music, so hi guys we’ve been able to charge it for with some batteries already. Okay. So, for a couple of minutes, so here’s the apple watch, my of my wife and here’s, the atmos fit vital. So kinda looks the same right so a little bit. Okay, so but that’s. Why i bought it so looks like the lcd is big, so it, as you can see here, steps counter distance total kilo. Car is burned long press to measure heartbeat bits per minute. So this is heartbeat monitoring and um exercise model sleep monitoring. You can you’re supposed to be able to see your messages find my phone stop. Watch the settings. Okay, we’ll go inside the settings: okay, brightness factory, reset Music settings shutdown; okay, so we’re gon na try to pair it right now and see how big the the text is.

When you get uh notifications, my concern with this one out of all the smart watches we’ve tried the huawei band. I think this is the 405 has the clearest um text within the lcd. So this looks like it has a bigger lcd we’re going to test it and see exactly how it looks if this looks good. This is what we’re gon na be using starting today, so we’re gon na stop and then we’ll start again, once we’ve been able to download the app. So we have the app now so, as you can see, there’s the basic things that you need to approve. So, okay, Music and so i’m gon na put the birthday i’m gon na, remove it first. So once you’ve been able to put everything in, you just need to finish all the settings: Music and then approve the notifications. Okay, Music accept. Okay, then go back and then search for my atmos fit vitaly, plus okay, only when news it’s already there so we’re connecting it right now and it’s vibrating, so click to pair okay, so it’s there. So we’re gon na wait for someone to message us to see. If it turns on Music, so as you can see, it’s working here put it down, then send me a message again Music. So, as you can see, there looks like the messages can be easily seen. I can see that there is a test message, so it looks good, so we’re gon na try it out for the next couple of days and let you know the only drawback that i can see: it’s saying hello, okay, so the only thing i can see that’s A minus for this one is it’s, not a touchscreen, see nothing works so that’s.