You know the apple watch look or, for example, the android, smart watches or garmin. You just love g shocks. Now the good news is there is a g shock that’s, also a smart watch, making it like one of the toughest most durable most kick ass. Looking smart watches you can get today. Now i am a beginner at this, so i literally just found out about this watch a few days ago. So anyway, this is going to be our unboxing of the g shock. Gbd h1000, one of the toughest most durable most kick ass, smartwatches that you can get today. If you’re a g shock fan, you love smart technology. This is the one for you keep on watching let’s quick, wrist watch check of the day since we are doing a g shock review. I am wearing my g shock mudmaster. I did a review of this. I will link it down below just in case you guys are interested in seeing it. So here you have it guys. This is the g shock gbd h1000 in black and neon orange. Now, while it is a smart watch, as you guys can see, you have that digital display, you have the heart rate sensor here at the back. This is still a g shock through and through, and one of those things that makes this a g shock is apart from the overall look and structure, is that this is still tough af. So it is one of the toughest smart watches that you can buy today.

So you still have the resin material with that stainless steel case back. This is shock resistant because the structure protects the internal module, while the complex rugged shape protects the glass as well as the buttons. By the way, this is mineral crystal and you do have what 200 meter water resistance for this watch now, apart from being extremely durable and tough, they also showed fantastic user design. For this particular piece, you have resin over the metal bezel to make the buttons easier to push which you can also see with the design of the buttons over here. You have this urethane band here these two clips, which secure the watch to your wrist so that this protruding heart rate sensor can accurately and always measure your heart rate. If you choose to have the heart rate sensor always on you, have this soft urethane band over here, which has enough ventilation to keep that breathing space for your wrist, and you do have mip lcd memory in pixel, which shows very high contrast for easy viewing. In fact, one of the best things about this watch is that it is extremely legible and you do have high brightness led, which you can use over here to light it up in dark situations. And, lastly, it does has solar charging. So you do have two ways to charge it. You have this usb charging port here at the back, but you also can just charge it with sunlight, and that, for me, is a fantastic way to beat other smart watches, because you don’t have to keep charging it.

Every day, or every other day, it just works if it’s just the everyday function of watch that you’re after the step tracker all the different watch functionalities you don’t actually need to charge this with usb. You can just turn off the heart rate sensor always on and just turn it on every time you are doing a workout and you should be fine now. How is this a smart watch? Well, there are five sensors five freaking sensors. You have the optical heart rate, monitor over here. At the back, you have an accelerometer which measures body movement step count as well as distance traveled. You have a magnetic sensor which allows for you to use the compass. You have a pressure sensor, changer sensor, for you to detect the altitude, and you have a thermal sensor for you to get by remote, barometric pressure and temperature man. All the all the terms are already starting to go over my head. It also has gps via glonass, as well as michibiki satellite, which allows to show the display of route automatic time adjustment wherever you are in the world now it wouldn’t be a smart watch if it didn’t have notifications, so it does have that from your messages to The alerts that you get on your phone – all you have to do – is to pair it via bluetooth, and then you can even use the g shock move app, which we will talk about in a bit.

You can also set vibration notification, depending on time elapsed during training to monitor your heart rate or again, if you want to get alerted when you have smartphone notification now before we even get to the app we have to talk about the different functionalities that you can Find on the watch itself now over here on the top left button is the display button and by tapping it you can quickly change to the different display modes of the watch. So this one shows the time the date as well as your heart rate. This one shows over here a different time zone, two different time zones. I said well for some reason: i have it both set to manila, which is weird for this one. You can see just the time as well as the seconds and the date and the battery life. If you go over here, you can take a look at your step counter throughout the week, together with the time and the date. So if you are measuring your steps more than anything, this can be really helpful. This one over here is the vo2 max, i think, which is for cycling. To be honest, i have no idea how that works, so let’s skip that, but yeah pretty much all the different types of metrics that can be displayed by the five sensors. You can manipulate via the display button over here uh. By tapping the run button. You can activate the gps, so you can connect to the satellite, so it can track your movement and your distance.

And if you click over here, this one is the mode button. So it shows you the different modes from workouts to stopwatch to timer and to even all the compass training status notifications settings all of the different modes that you can use with this watch. You can just scroll through quickly and easily with the tap of a button over here. The upper right button of course turns on the light and the lower right button is for laps. Now this obviously isn’t the full review. I will do one in the next few days, but i do want to link to a review of another youtuber g shock high fashion. I think who did an exceptional video on this piece as well as the video made by the time, teller. Of course another one of my favorite watch youtubers, who did the review on this particular watch now? This watch sells for a little over 20 000 pesos here in the philippines. I got this from one of my favorite shops here in the philippines multi brand watch shops at tokyo over at the podium second floor. It comes in different colors and again it is one of the toughest smart watches that you can get today and if you are a fan or if you want the smart watch, but you don’t necessarily want it to look like a general smart watch and you love G shocks, then, i think this is a great option in short, you’re a g shock fan, but you want to have smart watch functionalities, but you don’t want to wear an apple watch or you don’t want to wear like a garmin or any of the android.

Smart watches, you now have a legit strong g shock option by the way. Let me just take this quick opportunity to shout out again to darwin, to daisy, to ricky, to yvette all the awesome people over at tokyo over at the podium. What do you guys think of the watch? Let me know in the comment section down below again this isn’t, like a full review: it’s, just me unboxing it and going over the different features, uh quick, think of it as a quick overview, and we will be doing a more comprehensive take on this in the Next few weeks, so with that said uh, this is carlos signing out guys don’t forget to comment don’t, forgive it to give don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to. The channel really helps out a lot with that said, peace.