I don’t know, but this video will definitely answer the question for you today. What is up boy s4, so glad you’re here with me today. Oh look here the sign the essence of leadership. Okay enough with that, i first of all have to thank you guys so much for hitting the subscribe button, but this video will tell you the value of this specific fitness tracker. Smart watch, thingamabob that’s under 50 bucks let’s, take a look at it. It’S called the pop glory. Smart watch here’s a little picture of it right here, as you can see, i understandably was a little suspect at this thing, mainly because, if you look here closely, the price of it 29.99 really a smart watch that is, that cheap? What can it possibly do other than just keep time i don’t know, and so with that said, we get our own official smart watch test pilot there. She is hello, where’s where’s, the smart watch, oh well, there it is it even glows a little bit. Look at that so she’s testing, her smart watch, but i figured she doesn’t have a ton of expectations off of a smart watch there she goes. The expectations are really low for her. She’S, like it needs to tell time, maybe check my heart rate and keep track of my steps. Sure alright let’s test it out. So i got on the old amazon and uh. We ordered it that’s right. The pop glory smart watch with all the features, including not only fitness, tracking tracking, your steps, your exercises, heart rate and all that sort of thing.

It has a special feature of actually testing and tracking your blood pressure, which who knows, if that’s exactly right so there it is on amazon, ordered it and it came in the mail and so let’s open the box pop glory smartwatch. This is a health tracker that uh, you know, it’s low cost, but it actually, you know, we’re going to give it a test. I’M just going to open it right here, see what we get out of the box here in the box comes oh there we go! The watch itself on with some directions, contact information in order to get a warranty and then the user manual with really tiny, fonts, really small you’ll get your magnifying glass out and you’ll you can you can take on that that’s small? Then you have just this regular thing that you do for the charger: it’ll, probably oh, it’s, a little magnet okay, so it goes to the back of the watch. Looks like okay seems pretty simple and then here’s the watch all right spin around and the contacts and everything that are on the back of the watch. One button on this side after using the actual charger that i provided for. We connected it to the back very simple, with these two little terminals on the back and it’s magnetized, so it doesn’t slip and fall all over the place, but it actually goes right in and charges it up and the charge lasts for quite some time.

I’M thinking something in the ballpark of seven days, mom tested it out and i think she got to about six days and was on ten percent. So then she charged it some more. So it works at least for seven days. Probably more now, let’s talk features. There are a ton of them on this little under 50 dollar watch touch screen so that you can swipe, as you see here, i’m able to swipe through a lot of the different features. The main screen uh in this particular mode. It tracks not only the time, but your steps, as well as your heart rate, all right there in those little bitty fine points right there. Then you can swipe through and actually see the exercise levels which you can set and you can take it through exercise, as well as measure the blood pressure measure, your heart rate and measure, so many different things and keep track of your exercises all right. There definitely not a bad deal for less than 50 bucks. What i like about this is one it does all the features it kind of meets all the expectations of the owner, which you see the test pilot. She enjoyed hello, oh well, there. It is but also the screen you can adjust the brightness of it so that you can, you know, make it a little brighter in case it’s dark or you know, make it a little darker in case it’s too too dark the app that’s recommended that you download In order to sync to your cell phone, in this case, an android is right there and yeah.

It doesn’t come with a whole bunch of features on it. As you see i’m scrolling through through here, you can measure your heart rate. You can measure your blood pressure. All right there from the phone also you can track your exercises and everything all right there. A couple of things that it doesn’t have obviously is the gps connection, but i think you would definitely want to spend a little bit more money if you wanted that feature. So the question here is: is it really worth it? I say yes, spin under 50, bucks get all the features plus more, including messaging, including a timer, including text. Messaging messages relayed right there on your wrist. When someone calls you, it actually rings on your phone vibrates. Not only that you can track your steps, you can track your heart rate. You can track your uh oxygen levels as well as many many other different features that come with this smart watch. Definitely not bad for under 50 bucks anyway. I’Ll leave a link for you down below, so you can go and check it out plenty of pictures here for you to see. Obviously let me know what you think when you actually do test it out. That would be great make sure you mention it down in the comments below.