Why do we stay when i blame you for the things that weigh me down cause in the echo of your silence, Music? I only hear what’s best for me, Music, sound bits. I have tested a lot of sun pitch earbuds and after seeing the watch, the sound pitch watch pro 1. I knew i need to test it. Welcome to the review of the sound piece watch pro 1. Music hi there. Cargo here welcome. Are you new to my channel? I do tech reviews and unboxings if it’s something that interests you please consider subscribing in the end of the video like the video and share it all around with your friends with this set let’s start the review of the watch pro one, starting with the price. The watch pro 1 has a price tag of 49.99 pounds and at the time of this recording you can get a 15 voucher. But, like always, i will leave links on the video description. Please check them out for better price and to help the channel as well. For our eos viewers, the price is 45.99, with a 10 voucher as well. It comes with a silicon, strap a type, a usb charging cable with two magnetic pins. When you take it out of the box, you can see that the design is simple, but quite nice for a budget watch and it’s great to see a budget watch that doesn’t try to be similar with the apple watch.

The watch pro 1 comes on a 45 millimeter size with a 52 grams weight. The body is made of metal, so it will be strong watch to use the screen is made of glass and doesn’t feel cheap at all. On the back more glass finish, and not the plasticky like the normal budget watches, so it will be very easy on your skin. The summer is coming so you’ll be pleased to know that the watch pro 1 is ip68 waterproof, but be careful with the scuba driving because it’s only until 5 meters, deep Music. The pairing process is easy and straightforward. With my iphone 12 row – Music max Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, like every other smartwatch, you can have notifications and switch, which ones are going to buzz on your wrist talking about buzzing on your wrist, the watch pro 1 have a strong vibration and that’s a plus On my opinion, the watch pro 1 have one amazing classic look with this round screen with 1.4 inches the colors look, nice and they’re very crisp. The size is great to read everything on the screen, sadly no speaker or mic, but when was the last time that you used your watch to take a call, let me know in the comments Music. The watch pro 1 comes with many tracking features. You can monitor your heart rate during the day, with continuous heart rate tracking when it’s time to bed tracking your sleep is not a problem for this watch as well, and why not checking your steps during the day before that with the color is lost as well? Let’S put in the summer bodies, so if you exercise every day, the watchball one is going to be your best friend with 13 sport modes like running, walking, cycling or table tennis, for example.

Although this watch doesn’t have built in gps, you’ll be able to use the phone gps and if you listen to music, when exercising controlling the music with this watch is no problem. Like all the smart watches, the watch pro one has his own app as well sound pitch sport. Again a budget watch with his own app, a very simple app, but for sure, with time sound pit will make it more complete. So in the app you can check your training records, you can see your data for the heart rate, tracking, the sleeping tracking and if you go in settings, you’ll be able to check for updates and configurate your watch changing your watch face on this app is also Possible they have cool face, watches this one is my favorite Music. The last thing about this watch is the battery. It has a 2 850 milliamp hour battery, so that’s pretty big for a budget, smart watch. It lasts you around 10 days with 3.5 hours, charging time, not bad for a budget smartwatch guys.