com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and use okay. We are here back again to provide you with the latest smartwatch in the market, so right now, we’re going to have a review unboxing review of one of the most popular, affordable smartwatch in the market, the y68 smartwatch. But this time we have an art, an upgrade sort of of the y68 smartwatch, so the name is still y68, but it is an upgraded version and they say this is the 2021 y68 smartwatch. If you’re going to search the web, there’s, also a y68 plus smartwatch. So it’s another version upgraded version of the y68 okay. So this time we have the y68 smartwatch upgraded 2021 version so it’s almost it almost have the same look. It is some fuel adjustment adjustment and, of course, improve software. So we have here the y68 upgraded y68 smartwatch. So, as you can see here, we have a new box here, a new model, okay, new design. So still it has he based on the display here the details. Here we have a blood pressure, monitoring, heart rate, sleep monitoring, sport mode, calorie and distance counter. We have sedentary reminder what else we have a weather reminder incoming call message, display, alarm and shape to take pictures so very simple box and of course the contents are. We have the user manual. Okay, i think it is still using the fit pro support. App i’m, not sure we’ll check it on our next video.

We have the strap that comes with a smartwatch, and we have here, of course, the smartwatch and, as you can see, as you can see here very obvious, it is now a physical button. Here, okay, okay, i don’t know but it’s the it’s. If it’s working the rotating function here is if working or not okay but so far, i’m, pretty sure this is the power on off button, and we have here the button here. Okay touch button key, i guess it’s still not supporting a touch screen and, of course, the same with the y68 previous y68. We have a direct usb charging, okay, so to compare it a short comparison with a y68 okay, the popular yck y68 smart watch. We have here the previous y68 okay, so, as you can see, it’s almost they almost have the same size, but this one is much better designed and based on its specs. It has a metal body compared to this one with a pc body. Here: okay almost have the same size, okay with a heart rate, monitoring, okay, direct usb or charging okay, and with that glossy, i guess still plastic display screen. Okay, protective screen here: okay, but it’s not much improved. I think okay, this one, it looks more professional compared to this one looks like a toy we’ll see in its pictures. If we have some improvement on the ui, so this one it’s almost got the basic ui and watch faces.

Okay, as well as the functions see, we got this from the sharpie website we have here. Let me show you okay, so we have here the shopping site and the seller. Please take note of the seller very trusted seller. Okay. So if you have any issues with your smartwatch bought from this seller, they replied right away and provided you with the options of return or refund okay. So we have here, as you can see, the upgraded version y68. So it has a metal shell support, 18 languages and it has a variety of features here. So this is your d20 and the y68, the previous y68 and the plastic shell, and we have here the upgraded y68 and if you notice here it says, replaceable background image. So if you’re going to buy a y68 smartwatch go for the upgraded version and the other one, i think the y68 plus smartwatch. So we have here the improved features of the y68 and its specs, okay, so metal material, metal body. Here it says it 1.3 inch. 240 by 240 resolution, if you want the complete specs of this y68 smartwatch upgraded upgraded one, please check out the link below. We have the complete specs. Okay, we have the music control. We have the weather here and wow, as you can see here, it’s already pre loaded and also available in the support app steam watch faces. So, as you can see, it has a very cool professional looking watch faces compared to the y68 that we have.

I think we only have two watch faces for this one. Okay, let’s see, we only have two, this one, the default and the other one. Let me check let’s go to the settings to make it sure. Okay, more theme, okay, see, as you can see, we only have two watch faces available in the y68 and in the support app there’s, no option, there’s no option for the y68 watch faces. I guess for the d20, the other version there’s a an option for the watch face, but for this one sorry there’s no option for changing all the watch faces or additional watch faces. So we have the sports mode for this one. Okay, reminder and other option. Okay available in so let’s see. If how many colors do we have here, options see, i think it is available in several colors here, okay, let’s go back again, let’s see why succeed new product again, as you can see here, it’s pretty much improved compared to the old y68 smart watch or the Previous, so we have here: okay, we have the upgraded black silver and the gold color. So we pick the black color, so we can compare it with our other smart watch y68 with the same color. Okay. So far, let me have a closer for the comparison. Okay. Okay, let’s have a closer look: okay, almost the same size, we’ll see in a measurement later on on our next video, as well as the ui.

Okay, so seems like the okay almost have the same size yeah. I guess there’s some millimeter difference, but it’s unnoticeable. It also have the same display, screen 1.3 inch and, of course, the very innovative direct usb charging yeah. Let me show you if we put on the flexible strap, so we have here the strap, so i guess the same material tpu or silicon: flexible, strap, okay, same method of locking or securing your smartwatch okay. So this is your y68 smartwatch! So right now, we’re not going to show you the menu of this one check out on our next video we’re, going to show you the menus and the pictures, as well as the watch faces available in a y68 upgraded y68 smartwatch, or shall we say the 2021 Version: okay, we don’t know if there will be additional version of the y68 this year, but so far, based on our research. We have this one upgraded and a y68 plus smartwatch stay tuned, also for our y68 plus smartwatch we’re, going to show you the video and we’re, going to compare it with this one. Okay, so watch out for our next video menus and features of the y68 upgraded y68 smartwatch and, of course, for the installation of this one for the android and ios platform. So we’ll see some of the preloaded watch faces again. If you’re going to buy a y68 go for the y68 plus or this one check out our links below for the shopping site, a trusted seller and trust me, they have good products again.

This is smartwatch, and this is our first unboxing review. Okay of the upgraded y68 smartwatch.