The vaccines made in india are totally safe, effective and with good immunogenic response against covenanting disease. So, plus the vaccines made in india do take the vaccine at your turn and do not believe in failure. Remember the widely are colliding even after taking the vaccine, continue to wear a mask, observe a physical distance of two meters and regularly wash hands for more information visit, or call national helpline number 13075. Music, Music, Music, Music, Music support up to 15 days standby time. Up to 5 days, without calling function up to 2 days with calling function, notifications with sound and vibration alert get access to all your contacts. Large size, dialing pad calculator, calendar, music control, camera control, set alarm, sleep, monitor, heart rate, monitor blood oxygen, send entry reminder, pedometer, calories, burn count; Music, Music, display, sms heart rate, music, weather blood; oxygen, find your device steps, count running count, sleep mode, alarm, themes, connections, language, Camera control sounds calendar search battery foreign Music, Music.