Great watch, lightweight easy setup first off, looks pretty cool and feels really nice. It comes with two color straps, which are really cool. It came with few preloaded skins to display time and other details. The screen wakes up with the tilt of the hand, it also shows messages from the phone. This price is actually great. This navigation is super smooth and easy to set up watch to track your heart rate, sleep and walking running. It has a stop watch my steps and bmi it’s fashionable and sleek Music. This is a perfect watch for me. It tracks my exercise. It has running, slash, walking and more sports modes. I love pairing it with my phone and receiving notifications about calls and text. It is really nice, there are two bands of different colors come with. I received the smartwatch, it has a long and beautiful strap. It also feels good. There are two pairs of straps and there are many functions that are great. The workmanship is really thoughtful and beautiful. It is very convenient to connect the mobile phone data to accurately read sms good products are worth recommending to friends. I got this for my dad’s father’s day gift. The main thing that attractive to me about this watch is that it would be able to check heat, beats blood pressure and tracking steps. My dad don’t work out much so after he wears this watch. I told him to show me the steps he’d been walking and making sure he gets some exercise done.

My dad loves this watch. He like to play with it and check his bps there’s. So many things you can do with this watch. You won’t regret to buy it and the price is affordable. Nice watch looks pretty cool lightweight easy setup. It comes with two color straps, one red and one black. It can track my daily steps, heart rate blood pressure, sleep and running. I love it. This is a nice buy, for the price battery is good, keep track, you steps and every time you go to gym, tells you how much fat you burn worth the money. This is a very practical fitness smartwatch. It is also waterproof. It can measure heart rate and has a variety of functions such as a pedometer. The appearance is very beautiful, and there are two straps to choose from this watch is very good. I, like it very much Music. He likes this watch. He also specially tested that all kinds of data – zero error, simple to use very like such a high appearance level, high precision products, it’s a very good watch, it’s durable it looks great likes the look of it. A very good product wanted a watch to track steps. Keep time and have some smart functionality, but didn’t want to spend the huge amount of dollar to do so. This seems to fit the bill. Size seems to be a little bigger than an apple watch. Screen is vibrant and touch. Functionality is pretty good, comes with two sets of bends, which are a silicone band with traditional buckle, Music steps seem to track as accurate as other devices i’ve used in the past connected with my phone very easily when putting the bands in make sure to look at The inside of the band Music, there is a built in lever to help install only minor things i would change would be more face.