Warranty too, i had question on watch and tech. Boutique answered almost immediately very satisfied with purchase. I’Ve only had this for about a week but i’m, really enjoying it. I’Ve had other garmin products in the past. I prefer the garmin functionality to the fitbit at least the fit that i had. The watch is fairly simple to get set up. I already had the app so that made it a little easier. It’S been pretty useful for my workouts. So far, i’ve only used it for an elliptical run and a spin class, but it seemed to keep a pretty accurate calorie count and heart rate Music. I’M. Looking forward to nice weather, so i can use it for a real bike ride. The things i don’t love about it are that the watch face is pretty big for people with small roots and that it doesn’t display the date anywhere that i’ve found so far as far as i can tell, the calendar feature only displays any events you have scheduled For the day, not the actual date and as far as the size goes, i’ve gotten used to it for the most part, if it were smaller, it would be harder to use, but i still feel a little bit like a three year old wearing my dad’s, really Cool watch also, i got different colored watch bands for it, it’s nice to be able to switch the bands. When i want Music. This has been a great watch.

I searched long and hard for a round watch face and landed on this one. I have been pleased by the watch and the app the app is very user friendly and something that i find myself utilizing. Even though i am not a big app user, the watch and band are very comfortable at first, i was not used to the size or weight, but after wearing the watch for around a year now and damn lost without it. Like i stated before, the app is great. I track my water intake, activity, type and duration, menstrual cycle sleep and how much more i have my watch to mainly be a watch and tell me the time most of the alerts turned off. I do find myself utilizing the lost phone feature orange phone with a question mark often seeing how i always misplace my phone. I would recommend this watch without hesitation, Music, easy to use and long battery life without gps bottom line up front. I love this watch pros. Color lcd screen lots of ability to personalize app gives you lots of data extended. Warranty ups are variable and easily changed. You can edit. Your watch faces lots of gps options, lots of sports options. The price is right, cons no ecg. This is my job requires that i maintain reasonable physical fitness, but nothing extreme. So i don’t care. If the watch can count pull ups or sit ups, i do care that it can track bike, run and swim activities accurately pool not open ocean and work as a reasonable activity and sleep tracker.

This watch meets my needs and more. There are far more activities than i need, but that’s kinda cool.