This one is awesome. My older watch was clunky and heavy on my wrist, but this new watch is feather light. I don’t even realize i have it on because it is so comfortable. The band is especially nice because it is a super soft silicone material that is fully adjustable. That can even accommodate my very small wrist. I have worn it with casual outfits and i even wear it to the office every day. The pink is very pretty and light. It complements any outfit set up with my android phone was simple, install the wear, os app and setup begins, the watch faces are all customizable and you can get even more face options with the facer app. I use this watch to track my activity during the day. So it can shame me when i haven’t met my daily exercise goals. You can also control which notifications you want to see from your apps. I set it up, so i only receive text messages, email, google, fitness and phone call notifications on my watch. The touchscreen has just a slight lag when using, but not enough that it impacts the use. I have used the voice command feature to do an app search on my watch and it worked well. The battery charges quickly on the charger it comes with and the battery life is fantastic. I only charge it at night to make sure i have a full battery in the morning by the end of the day when i place it on the charger i am at around 70 battery with normal use.

During the day, the watch is fully swimmable and able to be worn in the shower. I haven’t attempted either of those things and probably want, but it’s good to know that if i get water on it, it won’t kill it. This watch makes a great gift as it arrives in a giftable box. I absolutely love it and wear it. Every day you won’t regret this purchase Music. I am very happy with my new smartwatch. I had one a year ago, different brand and it didn’t last long. I love the faudinable look of this watch and versatility of it i’m able to stay connected to people without having my phone in my hand, constantly it’s, perfect, original and new. This was an upgrade from the gen 3 i had before. So i was already familiar with the operating system and its comparability, with my phone it’s, smaller and lighter than previous fossil smart watches, and i think it’s gorgeous. I love everything about this watch. The round face the bluetooth capability as well bought this to use with dexcom g6 app on my android. Absolutely what i was looking for. I have a photo of the watch face here to show how that aspect works. Music. The watch is comfortable. The band soft besides dexcom, i use it mainly for discreet text message and phone notifications. I don’t use it for fitness purposes. I use the timer. Occasionally Music bought this product for my girlfriend and she really loves it.

Battery lasts more than 24 hours with a single charge, it works perfectly with my ear bud. I am hands free and able to unz my calls, send text messages and whatsapp message, emails, etc, and i was worried about the battery life that so many complained about, but it’s more than enough to get you through eight hours to 12 hours shift every day with Life still remaining, i paired it with my samsung note 8 and if my phone battery gets low, i still feel confident that i have this watch.