Just one thing: i wanted it more for track. My runs than anything else, so i would have gone for a forerunner series. This one is not tech. Great for running this thing works great. If you do not use the o2 sensor, it last days with hr in a few hours of gps. If you use the o2 only at night, you get about two plus days of hr and a couple hours of gps running fyi. The battery charge is very fast, i’m very happy with it. I upgraded from the vivoactive 3. did. I want to no not really, but the battery in my three died. The good excellent gps, great for outdoors stuff pulse ox is great when ill to measure breathing respiratory tracking is neat it’s a solid watch. I don’t worry about doing stuff while wearing at the may. Music is annoying. I want to disable the app but can’t it’s spendy watch faces are okay, the app ecosystem blows. The band was quickly replaced, i seriously considered other watches, but for the outdoorsy types. This is the best bet. The comparable watches are limited for general consumers and lack the features for someone who does a variety of outdoor sports. I walk bike hike and do cardio during the week. Nothing else seems to support this range of activities. Minus one star for price Music watch works better than expected. Great experience from seller product itself is exactly what i was looking for. Garmin’S prices are still too steep, but i went from a 2019 galaxy watch to this and won’t be going back.

This is a fitness, health tracking watch front and center and it’s better at it than samsung battery is so much i don’t get advertised eight days, though i get about five sixths, so i took off a star for that plus price. Overall, i am very satisfied with this watch to track my health and fitness. I was concerned about the accuracy of the heart rate from the wrist, but apparently the technology has improved dramatically i’ve compared it to your. My old chest strap, monitor and it’s spot on. The watch is comfortable, but i did replace the band and it is much more comfortable. I was disappointed in the battery life garmin claims eight days, but there is no way in god’s green earth that this thing is getting anywhere near eight days. My watch required a factory reset because i had a software issue, but after that and reducing all the possible settings, i still only get four days as far as the additional warranty goes with this item, it’s – probably a scam, i can’t even get the thing registered their Website says that my information is not correct. Nobody answers the to 800 number and they have yet to return my calls after two weeks, Music, i can’t even register my item. I can imagine how much worse it’d be if i actually needed them to get it fixed best. Smart watch i’ve ever owned had a va 3 before this, so change isn’t that dramatic, but the va4 has a much better battery than the va3 and, like the band better tracks, my surfing too, with a surfing app downloaded from the garmin store and tracks.

How many waves i’ve caught calories, burned, etc? This is a great purchase and a three thumbs up. Vivoactive 4 is monster of tweaking options.