Since i have a full sleeve on my left. Apparently, the hr monitor doesn’t work. If you have tattoos but never had that problem with the 45. anyways great running, watch just needs some getting used to Music finally had to retire old blue. Like me, it was falling apart, taped and glued together in many places, but was with me for nine years. At over 11 500 miles, the old garmin 405 was replaced by the newer fancier lighter 4runner, 245. So far, very happy with the 245’s performance tracks accurately easy to download data to garmin connect, great battery life too, 10 or so days wearing. Is a watch and running tracker every day, easy to read the face and a good bit of customizing. The different views is available. Another great product from garmin hope i get the years and the mileage out of the 245, like i did with old blue time, will tell the garmin 245 has all the fitness tracking i’m used to from fitbit with more in depth. Details on logged activities like recovery time mile per hour, heart rate specific metrics. There are also guided exercises to improve your training and maximize your output. It is a really nice sport watch very comfortable and lightweight. I am giving it four stars because not that intuitive once you use it more often it gets easier to understand what button to press, but in would love it to be more straightforward. Besides, that is so far perfect.

For me, i was very positively surprised by this watch i have been using it for about three weeks, so still need to see how it ages, but so far it has been great gps, connects very quickly and is very accurate. Battery life has been impressive, often lasting. More than the seven days advertised i disabled phone notifications, as i hate those which may be a contributing factor, i have used it in the pool with no issues mostly use the workout tracking for cycling and running. I like that. Garmin connects with a bunch of other apps apple health, ua map, myfitness, etc. The one con i see is that display is not very bright, but that honestly has not been a real issue. I also like the fact this watch came with replacement straps, which is quite nice – to mix things around a bit, so you get the garmin 245 with the original garmin band, plus three extra band, so you will have a total of four bands. The three additional bands are not garmin bands but fit easily and are easy to change. I bought this for my daughter who runs xc and track. She changes the bands almost daily to go with whatever she may be. Wearing the garmin 245 is a solid upgrade and worth the money from the 235. The only knock is like all watches. The accuracy is a little off for people with smaller lists, surface area, slash contact area, but this company was great to work with, and i would highly recommend this bundle long time.

Garment fan here in one week – review also d1 athlete. So you can kind of trust. Me in this whole running thing, i moved from the 735 xd to the 245 and i love the watch so far. I specifically got the no music version, because, when i train with the team i wouldn’t be listening to music when i’m out doing mileage on my own you’ll always have my phone with me to listen to music from there and in case sh happens.