3. 3 hr. 5 5. The 4runner 945 is hands down the best garmin gps watch available on the market right now, it’s, slimmer and lighter than the phoenix and provides even more functionality. I love the new training focus widget. That gives you a quick overview of what heart rate zones you’ve been training in over the past seven days. It’S super helpful. What makes this watch better in my eyes than the competition is the inclusion of full topo mapping. You can set waypoints and create a route to a destination with turn by turn directions right on your wrist. Sometimes i just go for a trail run and try to get lost, so i can click back to start and have my watch bring me home. The battery life on this device is amazing, i’m able to run 50 to 100 mile ultramarathons and leave my portable battery charger at home. Music in standard tracking mode with heart rate enabled it’s easy to hit 24 hours of tracking. If i had to point out one flaw, i would say that you definitely sacrificed some durability by choosing the garmin 945 over, say a phoenix 5 plus the gorilla glass online scratched within the first few days of owning it i’ve since installed a tempered glass screen protector, Which has made me feel a bit better. The case is made of a hard plastic that will scratch over time. It is what it is. I really enjoy this watch and it’s a fantastic companion to any athlete who loves the nitty gritty, metrics it’s, a trail runner’s dream.

However, if you’re mainly a road runner – and you don’t – really need the built in mapping functions, you may save a few bucks by checking out one of garmin’s other devices like the 245 or 645.. Either way you go, you won’t be disappointed Music. Before i get to the review, i’ll tell you a little bit about myself, so you know how i use the watch i’m, an emergency medicine doctor beginner to intermediate runner and cyclist and aspiring triathlete i’ve owned the forerunner 945 for about a month now and prior to This i use the garmin fenix 5 and apple watch 4.. I hesitate to even include this because it’s really not a fitness watch. I am by no means a high level athlete and i’m not going to qualify for the boston anytime soon. I am, however, a data, geek i’m obsessed with wearables and the insights that they can provide us Music for the sake of brevity, i’ll assume that anyone looking to purchase a 600 watch knows what they are purchasing and has done a fair amount of research. My hope is to review some of those new features and help you make an informed decision fit. The fenix 5 is built like a tank indestructible heavy, but mostly annoying to wear. I found it difficult to sleep with the device on my wrist. The apple watch 4 was sleek, but i worried about cracking the screen during my workouts. The forerunner 945 is just right sturdy, but significantly lighter than the phoenix 5.

. I wear this one all day and during sleep my wrist is small to medium at seven inches and i do not find the forerunner too large by any stretch it’s slightly less comfortable than the apple watch for all day. Wear appearance and performance. I don’t want you to convince yourself that this is going to look sharper than an apple watch. Music apple has aesthetics down. In fact, the forerunner 945 has identical screen resolution to the phoenix 5, but edges appear sharper and brighter in actual use. The processor is noticeably faster from the phoenix 5 and navigating from screen to screen as a delight features for fitness.