I am a runner and i used to use the garmin forerunner 235.. I was a bit nervous about how this watch would compare for running, but so far i have really liked it. It looks very cute on and i like, that it comes with a leather band, although i haven’t ran in it. The watch face is a lot smaller than the garmin forerunner, but i think the size is better. I am a five apostrophe, eight female and have bigger wrists and it looks fine on me. The watch has two faces. You can pick between. The faces are star wars theme, but i don’t think they are obviously star wars. I do wish the faces were a bit more star: wars, themed the star wars. Characters will come on the screen when you achieve a goal. There are goals for activity throughout the week. Ray will come on daily steps d0 and stairs climbed bb8. The characters will have around a two seconds animation and it will say goal i like the watch screen for running and even though it is touch screen, i haven’t had any problems. I have done some interval workouts with it 200 meters and because it has a button to start slash, stop on the side. It has worked fine, even with the touchscreen. The battery life is not as good as the forerunner, but it still lasts a few days, even if i use it daily. Music. Really, nice watch very happy with purchase Music, easy to use, not heavy fun, animation, love them.

Don’T, look bulky very feminine. Fun watch faces Music. I was looking for a replacement for my apple watch series 2 after the newest. Upgraded models came out with basically the same battery life as the older models Music. I have also used vivosmart hr in the past. My priorities were battery life, receiving texts showing my next calendar appointments, so i don’t miss it tracking sleep tracking activity and being able to help me find my iphone. I wanted the watch to be on the smaller side and have a nicer look with the metal bezel. I decided on the vivoactive for us, but i wanted white with silver, which wasn’t an option based on everything i can see. The rey model is basically the same thing, but it costs a little more and comes with an additional leather band. I don’t really care about the star wars stuff, but i don’t find it offensive either. When i reached a stepped goal, i did get a star wars related celebration on my watch and there are similar small nods to star wars in the software elsewhere. A venue would have had a brighter screen, but also with a larger size and slight drop in battery life, which i didn’t want battery. I ordered directly from garmin and it arrived a few days ago with 60 battery, maybe from cold weather. It was at 10 battery. Three days and nights later after using it with a watch face that has a second hand and with pulse ox on all night Music.

This is better than i used to get and i’ll be interested to see how it does starting at full charge. And if i drop those features it does most of what i wanted. I chose a pre loaded watch face that, let me add, a complication, slash data field showing the time of my next calendar appointment. I haven’t yet found one that tells me the name of the appointment like the modular face i used on my other watch. I can swipe a few screens up on the face to see a calendar widget detailing the next couple of calendar appointments, so that’s fine. I would like a similar face without a second hand, for better battery life i’m. Still looking through connect iq for options body battery interesting perk, i do not expect it to be accurate, but it does motivate me to try to be better charged the next morning to face the day a little push to get to bed earlier.