I always charge it on the weekends, but it normally leaves off around 10 and i go running twice a week for about two kilometers and i exercise from monday through friday and use the watch to record. The only thing i did wish i had was a continuous monitor for spo too. It does measure your oxygen levels, but it takes about 30 seconds to measure, and it does it only when you go into that specific app on the watch. It does not have continuous monitoring for oxygen levels, also wish the could put in a blood pressure app and it as well maybe i’m asking for too much, but it is possible and it would be nice to have more information about the heart and blood Music. It also tracks your vo2 max, which i think is very useful, because the watch can actually measure your improvements on how much air your lungs can process and it helps you in obtaining a higher vo2 max awesome watch. I like the feel and the actually watch isn’t thick it’s, a good size and doesn’t feel heavy at all forgot to mention that it has an app that measures. Your stress i bought this 42 millimeters for my wife and it looks perfect on her wrist after couple days of use. The readings from the watch looks accurate when compared to other devices she has been using. It has a glossy finish and has good viewing angles. Battery is holding up pretty good started with around 60 battery, with most of the sensors on and connected to the phone and after three days of use, there is still 15 left watch face, wasn’t on always on mode, and there is calling feature anyway for 42 millimeters Model so far, so good we’ll update this comment after further use, five stars from the first impressions, top quality, smartwatch everything working perfect and this looks super elegant, fantastic battery life.

You can use it a week or more in a row and still alley the pairing process with my phone was effortless, so i can high recommend for everyone best value for his possibilities and design. Music i’ve had the honor watch for a while and loved it. The watch overall as a package is nice to use and has been fairly customizable. It has features such as spo2 reader, sleep, tracking, gps, heart rate, monitor, etc. The tacking and use of the watch is pretty good. This thing looks better than my 50 dress, watches it’s. So thin and designed so slick plus the brown leather straps people can’t believe it’s a smartwatch. This watch has a great feel with a strong battery life, the app works well and all of the tracking measures on the watch work. Well, i wish it had more. Smartwatch features and ways to interact with notifications, but this isn’t necessary at this price overall it’s, better, looking very responsive, great battery life, slimmer, lighter and more comfortable than anyone, else’s piece that calls itself a watch great product 10x, better than expected Music. If you are more into classic design and styles of old watches, you definitely must give this a try.