My previous watches that i wore for long term include the samsung gear sport fitbit versa, fitbit versa, 2 and the fossil gen 5 carlisle shown in pics Music. The michael kors lexington behaves just like any other wear os watch launched in 2019 with a snapdragon, 3100 cpu and one gig of ram like with most wear os watches. The manufacturers have designed and created special watch faces to match with the physical design of the watch. The lexington isn’t designed to be sporty or fitness oriented, in fact it has a more business to classy, look and feel with its glossy black chain style. Strap. The watch face gives the appearance of a rotating bezel, but it actually does not rotate the three physical buttons on the right side, protrudes a bit more than buttons. You might find on a fitbit. The middle button, with the rotating crown doesn’t, have a clicky type of feeling. One might expect it rotates smoothly and can be used to navigate within the menus of the applications on the watch. The watch band is long and i had to remove several links before i could wear it. Also. The watch does not come with a band adjustment kit so make sure you have one around and for those who want to replace the strap completely. The replacement band size is 20 millimeters. The software runs pretty smoothly on the michael kors lexington. It was a little bit slow in the beginning when i had to install some apps and update the existing ones.

It’S now happily running, wear os version. 2 17. what’s cool about this smartwatch is that i can use it to read notifications such as text messages, security alerts, news weather and email right from the watch. I can also reply to texts and even make phone calls from it. This watch does have an on board speaker, but don’t expect it to be loud enough for crowded and noisy venues. The screen has the always on functionality, which means the time can be displayed without waking up the device. Many of these features are customizable to reduce notification overload. The watch also has the ability to track your heart rate with the optical sensor and track certain exercises by using the google fit app Music, but this watch is simply too heavy to wear if you’re planning on doing any real exercise. Also, the lexington has nfc on board, which means it can do contactless payments once you set up google pay. This is somewhat annoying, though, because you have to enable certain security measures, such as entering your pin, one of the most important things about using all the capabilities of the michael kors lexington smartwatch is that you need to have it connected with your phone via bluetooth. That means your phone generally needs to be in range of your watch for all the fancy features to work, but in the scenario where you leave your phone at home and left for work, you’ll still be able to receive notifications on the watch.

If it’s connected to wi fi, basically, if both your phone and watch has connectivity to the internet, the watch is not completely useless. One major problem with this smartwatch is battery life with minimal to average use. I can probably go through an 18 hour day and end at 25 battery life with average to heavy use. I can drain the whole battery by end of day.