I’Ve been using a lg urbane for nine months and decided to switch to an on android wear smartwatch after experiencing issues with google’s wearable os. My original plan was to buy a pebble steel, but best buy doesn’t offer it. So i bought a samsung gear s2 sport. As you read, this keep in mind that i am not a fan of samsung. Their software support for their galaxy series of smartphones and tablets are terrible. Touchwiz is a hot mess that does rip off apple shamelessly and samsung charges a premium price for plastic devices that simply aren’t worth the cost, but the gear s2 is so potentially good that i bought it. I stress potentially because, depending on your needs, the s2 could be a total waste of time for my needs. After five days of constant use, i can say: samsung has something good here: pros build quality. The gear s2 is very well built: it’s, a sleek design and solid. The band is rubber, which could be a turn off for some, but i have no problems with it. The rotating bezel that many of you may have read about is a fantastic design feature that is a better take on the apple watch crown more on that below. The watch is smaller than many other smart watches available, so it could be a great fit for those with smaller wrists. The device features two buttons, a back button and a home button. These buttons, in combination with the rotating bezel and the touch screen, make navigation a breeze screen.

Samsung’S ammo led technology is at work here. The screen is vibrant, with bright colors and rich blacks, which has been the trademark of these screens for years. It responds well to touch input and does a serviceable job of outdoor viewing viewing angles are excellent. The resolution is 360 by 360 at 302 pixel density os, slash tizen. The gear s2 runs samsung’s os tizen. It performs incredibly well on the device it’s fast, with a good ui, great navigation and a wealth of options to use and or customize the watch. The learning curve isn’t steep if you’re, coming from an apple watch, pebble or android, wear i’d, say it’s, even good for people totally new to smart watches. The os supports widgets and a task manager which doesn’t exist on android wear, but to be fair as good as the widgets are they don’t provide the same level of information as google cards. S2 widgets can display the weather news world time and fitness information, but google now cards can provide sports updates, travel information, package, tracking mapping, information, transit information and other data Music. The s2 can display cards from google now, but the level of information this provides is because the tizen is piggybacking. Google services through sync notifications between the phone and watch chisen, currently cannot provide the same level of information native without the help of google i’d like to also note that the music player that’s standard in the s2 is better designed visually than the google music player in Android wear, but the google music and wear allows you to see which track is playing without blocking the time i haven’t had any problems with receiving notifications from various apps that some may have experienced.