I wear it almost 24 7 minus showers and it really holds up to my other smart watches pro one day. Shipping amazon prime benefits very light: easy to connect, vibrates heart rate tracking sleep tracking, huge plus, able to receive wechat notifications with no problem. Some of my other watches seem to not accept it. Battery life have not charged it at all. Since it came out of the box con slightly large bezel charger is t, i had no problem with wearing it. Every day Music, i have been using the tikasa a1 smartwatch for a bit over two weeks. Now, first, i have to say wow the battery life on this is the best of any smart watch. I have owned to date. I received the a1 on july 3rd and it is the 15th and i still have not had to charge the watch maybe ill plug it in at the end of two weeks. This was under normal use and typical notifications, heart monitoring and step monitoring. The watch face was set to turn on with a wrist flick for most of those days. The watch itself is on the small side, so it will not overwhelm the wrist. The touch action works great. There is a minimal number of apps, but the ones it has are working well. There are also only a few watch faces. I picked one and stuck with it, not the most creative, but again it has what you need on it.

I, like the minimalist analog watch face the fitness part of the watch can check heart rate o2 saturation and even seems to do blood pressure. I was able to check and see how well these functions work using a monitor that we use at work. The heart rate and o2 were accurate and, to my surprise, the bp function seemed to do a pretty good job. Now i wouldn’t take it as spot on, but it did get the general range. There is a calibration step in order to get it to be as close to accurate as it can, but it is fairly easy to do. The watch also has different sport modes that you can pick depending on the exercise, run, walk bike, hike, climb, etc. The other useful apps on the watch include an alarm timer, music control that worked with my note, 9 right away and a take time to relax function. This uses a vibration and instructions to inhale and exhale. Slowly again, all these worked well. Music control is a deal breaker if it doesn’t work and this one worked. Notifications worked well and even though it was a small screen, i could read them overall. This is a great sport watch. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive watches, but it does have the apps that i tend to use the most, which are the heart rate, steps, notifications and music control. I don’t really need all the others.

I like the app and everything worked well with my note 9, just a simple easy to use, watch at an excellent price, a nice surprise indeed, tl doctor. This watch is great for tracking your workouts and for those who don’t like charging another device every night, but just okay for someone who wants to interact with their phone through their watch battery life. I was very impressed with the battery i charged it to 100 6 days ago, and it is at 56 currently im used to charging my watch every night, so it was great to always be thinking about that workouts. I went on a nice bike. Ride with this and enjoyed the workout feature, it told me my heart rate how long the workout was and how many calories. I was burning i’m, not a huge fitness person, but i still enjoyed seeing the data os. The watch is not running where os, but it has a clean operating system and i didn’t have any trouble with it. You can tell it is geared towards fitness, as that is the only features available, and i appreciate them not trying to cram a ton of useless features in, but instead kept it focused for what it is about.