I was not disappointed. The tic watch 2 had one of the best screens and a beautiful design that other manufacturers for some reason couldn’t take a cue from that watch came at an attractive price of 160 us dollars. This watch the e2 comes at the same price, but this time with a massive improvement, android wear mob boy has made some excellent compromises, the biggest of them. All being that i found the battery life to be longer than i expected. I was able to get more than a day and the standby time was minimal. It remains to be seen if that will be the case with a lifetime of this watch, but i am very pleased with my purchase and glad they’re still making competitive and elegant looking wearables. The screen is good. The amoled panel goes some way toward better battery life. Seemingly i love using the custom fan made faces with this watch. It’S. Definitely a party piece: this watch gets a lot of it right. It does everything that the competition does at a far more competitive price point after getting burned before i will say that my boy has good customer service and a watch that just works. It is not the fastest or flashiest watch, but it delivers everything i want in a smartwatch at the price. I want a smartwatch for Music. The bells and whistles of the competition are less tempting. To be fair. This is a competitive market and releasing new products is the only way to keep things fresh, which means end of life, for these products is sooner than one can predict, but it’s a really cool device.

If you nerd out on tech, this will be worth your money. I have my own business. I work out a lot in the mornings and my days are full of meetings. This watch tackled all my daily notifications phone calls and morning workouts. My days last from 4 am to 11 pm and i was shocked that the battery life handled it very well. The interface is very easy to use. The app gives you so much information on what the watch is tracking and google assistant is quick and helpful. It’S also super comfortable to wear. The band is very soft and the watch has a good weight to it, while still being lightweight in terms of style. I love big watches and i was a little worried. This would be too small but it’s perfect, stylish, yet rugged i’m, a pretty tall, big guy. So this watch fits me perfectly, but i wanted my sister’s opinion and she almost took it away from me. Amazing watch definitely would recommend everyone to try it out for themselves. I’M really happy with this product. The chickwatch s2 is everything i was looking for in a smartwatch. I was able to test all the features that it promised and they all work perfectly well. This watch has everything i was looking for in a smart watch and for the price it’s perfect. I recommend a tic watch to anyone that’s looking for watch that can do a lot of stuff me personally, i like to use the google assistant it has on it.

For a lot of stuff, i got one of the first tek watches years ago, and this one is definitely an upgrade. It uses the, whereas by google app and is a lot faster, does not glitch and has lots of apps available. I haven’t used it long to see the battery longevity, but my old one was good when on low power mode for days, i’m also glad that it’s water resistant it’s a bit big for my small wrist. But i will switch out bands to see if it will fit better. I love my tic watch s2. I originally was using a moto 360, which was a great watch which was later plagued with errors that made it unusable when mob boy released the s2, which was touted as being a rugged sport watch for a low price. I was stoked to try it. I have been super pleased with it and i never really worry about it.