This is perfect it’s, not as sophisticated as an apple watch in its navigation. This is more like everyone’s watch. The os is super simple, pretty to look at and if my 90 year old grandmother can use this, so can you you can disable all notifications to make this less intrusive, plus battery life increased for elderly. You want a smartwatch that tells you your heart rate, sleep tracking, nothing will make you confused is so simple to control. I gave this watch several weeks of use before submitting my review below are my observations. In short, it connects to your phone via mobile app and offers some basic controls, such as message preview, several different applications, music control, weather notifications, fitness tracking with survey battery life is great. It goes for 10 days with minimum use or no use of heavy battery users. Such as gps, i don’t care about the gps, so i have that disabled only notifications, i care about – are my messages preview. So i know if there is something i have to action immediately. I love the battery life and not having to charge it every night. Like my apple watch, weather forecast is useful and although i can always check that on my phone i like not having to do anything and just get notified fitness tracker, it counts steps and has several workout modes. I didn’t find any inaccuracies. It gave me about the same step count i get from my i watch.

I take the same route every day and my i watch shows different step count every time about 50 to 100 steps difference, so i don’t get all worked up if the step count is off by a few steps. When i first got my apple watch, i even counted my steps and the watch was off by a few. I suppose i accepted these things are not 100 accurate. What matters to me is that the heart rate is spot on. Gps is very helpful features, especially for hikers and those walking in wilderness. Another feature i love is the watch face it’s large and easy to read and you can pick between several different patterns. It’S water resistant, not waterproof, but i regularly forget taking it off when showering still dry. Simple. Look! If you are looking superior, smartwatch, that’s loaded with features. This is not it. This is simple smartwatch for people who need basic things from their watch and not overly complicated operations. I recommend this watch and think it’s great it’s exactly as described this isn’t a perfect smartwatch, but for the price i’m impressed i’m coming to this. After a few months of testing, the significantly more expensive sunko 5 and after just a few days, i’ve decided that this is a better all rounder than the suntow pros include a bright, sharp screen that can be read even under bright, sunlight that’s, a huge step up From the sunto, which has issues with screen brightness Music, i also love that you can check the weather forecast with a couple of swipes, though i don’t love the forecast itself as we’re going into winter, and there are far too many minus numbers for my liking.

The heart rate, monitor and step counter are all within easy reach and the controls are intuitive and well designed, it’s all good negatives. Well, i don’t love the timex app and i wish the watch were suitable for swimming and bathing. This is the kind of watch you want to wear all the time, so it would be better if it could withstand a shower all.