So now i’ve taken it apart by taking the screws out with a little screwdriver and i’m going to try. Apparently, rice doesn’t work so i’m going to try to blow i’ve used some compressed air i’m, not sure without such a great idea, but to blow out some of the water i’m using this on the cool setting and just trying to dry it out, we’ll see with It it can get rid of some of the work. This could be a very bad idea. We’Ll see i did read about somebody putting some warmer air to try to get rid of this water on the screen so i’m, going to try that now a little bit of warmer so don’t want it too hot Music Applause, the water see where that drips out At all, oh, my goodness, what the i don’t, i don’t, really understand it so whether that’s the water or there’s, obviously a lot of water there that’s that’s, not bad sign, so how the water entered into it. I have no idea it’s, probably through these holes, so there’s, obviously water in there, Music and we’ll just see if i can move the water to the edge. Is that the order now when i’ve? Do you see it compress there into that that doesn’t hole to do anything it’s? Probably oh that’s, not good! That does not. So i think i found the corner where the where we can get the air out it’s in the bottom right now.

Can you hold this camera yeah onto the watch? Okay, so i’m getting compressed air and you see the water level there and i’m gon na put the air into here into that corner there. Can you see that i think it’s under the circuit board Music anyway? I did in the corners and there’s water coming out is water coming out there was there’s, definitely water coming out somewhere. So a lot of the water did come out when i put it into the corner, get it all fixed and you drop, and then you break it. I know so i’m pushing the water down to the corner there and i’m gon na try to that’s in the corner there. Okay, that didn’t work try to push it into this side, because you can’t take the screen off that’s a problem. Yeah keep an eye there. We go push the water to that side. Hopefully the compressor is safe. Don’T know whether to save but anyway, nothing to lose see. If i can get underneath there, we go i’m, just putting underneath the circuit board to try to pop this. This compressed air is pretty cool stuff, okay, what’s in the compressor. Why does it have um uh, the computer keys on it? This is really weird, so there’s definitely water. Coming out when you get into the corners using this as well. Sorry it’s, fine! You can stop the moment of truth. We’Ve been mucking around with compressed air and we’ve been trying to get this thing back to life there’s a little switch thing here, which is which sits.

Okay. I think it sits on top of here to move that little switch up and down this way daddy, your fingers are blocking it, so you can’t see okay, so it goes on top like that that’s, where the switch sits, and then this thing sits right. On top, this is quite tricky there. We go like that now, i’m, going to try to turn it on. I didn’t leave 20 foot. Well as much as i could. He gave up Music. Can you open it up? We can take the sweet chat and try to get the order out again. Oh no, your watch is dead. Chloe, oh it’s. Alright, i can just wear my baby d. Having an extra work. Sorry darling, it’s! Fine! You can just get more money from your toilet. Video it’s dead, i’m, so sorry, it’s dead. We tried daddy. We can just get 67 from this video all right. So for you, people that are watching this. Could you just keep watching this video because we need to get more money to get another one? You earned this with your hard work and now it doesn’t work anymore, it’s, fun, i’ll, wear my baby d for the time being today to see whether you’ll come back to life, i don’t think so, but i think maybe i’ve destroyed it with water. For the air conference, so my left hand is lit and i should never put a watch under water, even my babies, that was a very expensive lesson, all right, goodbye, everyone goodbye rest in peace.

This is two days later and i left it in the cupboard. I had no idea whether it was going to work so and they’re covered with cupboard above the kitchen cupboard so there we, i left it there and i was actually gon na. I actually ordered another one of these things and then i turned it on like this and it didn’t seem to turn on. You have to wait. He said, is it gon na work and then you need to press the button Music and it worked it’s, not 9. 30 a.m. What time is it father, it’s a 6 55 now so i can’t believe it, but it actually worked yeah after being drenched in water and then we blew it up with compressed air just before so two days later, can you add this to the other video father? Yes, i can, and it did and it’s working the only thing that’s not working. We did not name your city, this is the camera, but the only problem is now the selfie doesn’t work. It freezes so we’re gon na have to reset it and see whether it works. Should we try yeah, okay, we need a little pen thing: okay, we’re gon na reset it now and see whether we can get the camera working. The last thing that’s not working that wasn’t working so i’m gon na press. This reset button down and uh hold on that didn’t work, if i’m just afraid of resetting.

If i reset the whole thing, then we won’t have any of the previous information, although let’s just see if this works, so everything seems to be working great. I don’t know and it’s been like about four hours since we’ve had it on i’ll ten three six hours since we’ve had it on and it seems to be working perfectly. The only thing is whether it’s going to be working a week from now so i’m pressing the reset button holding it down for a really long time. I don’t know whether you hear a sound or whether we just okay, so hopefully that’s long enough, let’s see. Oh, it still hasn’t reset okay. So apart from the selfie camera, this thing seems to be working: okay, um! If i can get the selfie camera working, i will put a comment below, but otherwise this thing’s been revived from the dead and i’m gon na have to return the new one there’s, still a little bit of tiny bit of remnants of water where on the screen. But otherwise it actually it actually worked. We cleaned it out with the compressed air and um.