This is the me watch. This is actually the next iteration of the me watch, because ive been reading up about it ever since i got it and there was a previous model of the me watch that was introduced and this model has more features, but before i go into that, let me Just show you, the unboxing, that i shot and posted to my ig tv and then well get back to discussing everything that i want to share about the new watch. The me watch was created for style, function and comfort. Now this watch weighs only 32 grams, so its ultra lightweight and feels really it. It almost disappears on the wrist, so its comfortable for both exercise and daily use. Not only is the me watch sweatproof, but its also waterproof, and it has 117 sport modes. So you can record almost all of your daily sports activities. It has a large 1.’ inch, amoled display, which ensures a clear view of all essential information. At any time of the day, the me watch is capable of round the clock monitoring of the essential health metrics that youre used to like heart rate and blood oxygen level, sleep stress and energy levels. The mi watch also has some advanced features for outdoor adventures, such as gps built in geomagnetic compass and a barometer to track air pressure and elevation. So you need a little wall adapter there its magnetic, so it will charge just like that.

As long as youre connected to a computer or a wall adapter so ive had the me watch for almost a month, its very close to a month when i posted my initial instagram posts and stories about the me watch, i got a few interesting questions which i Hope that this review will be able to answer, if you want to read all about it and get all the technical details about the me watch, you can head over to my blog ive left the link in the description box below so you can take your time. Reading all about the new watch, as you may have seen from the unboxing you cant use the me watch straight out of the box, you do have to set it up using the xiaomi where app installed to your smartphone. You also have to have an active internet connection, while youre setting up the new watch, because you have to set up your xiaomi ware user profile. The first thing i was impressed about with the me watch was its stated: 16 day battery life. I thought wow, you know for a watch to be turned on 24 7 and recording so many metrics, so many fitness metrics and then you have to use it for your exercise and fitness activities. How can it last 16 days on a single charge and then i saw it first hand out of the box. The the factory charge lasted eight days, and you know it still hasnt run out since then, since i charged it and it wasnt like i was trying to conserve battery during those eight days.

I had my bluetooth connection to my phone turned on 24 7.. I had all day heart rate tracking i had nighttime blood oxygen tracking and my daily workouts lasted up to an hour each so really the battery. The stamina of the me watch was something to behold. Lets get to the lifestyle features because, aside from using it as a watch that can track my fitness theres, also the smartwatch aspect. Smart watches usually allow the owner to access certain features on their smartphones without having to lift up the phone or turn the screen on. So, for instance, you can get text messages, call alerts on the watch, etc. Keeping the bluetooth turned on 24. 7 was not a big deal for the watch. I dont think it really impacted the estimated battery life and it didnt even impact the battery life of the phone, because i charged it the same way. I always do so with bluetooth turned on all the time and connection between the watch and the phone active. The entire time i was able to receive text messages, call alerts even email. So during my work hours when i was too busy to look at the emails dropping into my inbox, my watch my wrist would buzz. Whenever i got an email, i could take a look at the subject line and decide whether it was worth my time to open the email, asap or just keep working on what i was working and then just open my email later on my own time.

So pretty good for work productivity. Now to get notifications on your watch, you do need to activate or enable notifications from the xiaomi wear app its pretty easy just to activate it, and then you can customize which apps you want to get notifications from. So thats pretty cool because you know sometimes you have apps on your phone that send you notifications to shop, and you dont really want that appearing on the notifications in the me watch. So you can turn those particular notifications off, and i think this granular giving of permissions for notifications is is something that i actually havent seen in the other smartwatches that i have reviewed. Another aspect of the lifestyle features for the me watch is it was able to connect to my phone and control the music features of the phone it doesnt have on board music storage, but it can help you skip to the next track or you know, stop or Play anything thats playing on your phone and i think it works for any music player that you have on your phone. It works for the native music player as well as subscription services like spotify. Now, of course, you cant really access your playlists, etc. You still have to turn on your phone for that sort of thing, but for the basic features. When you need to pause your music, because you have to take an important call or you know you have to focus, and you find that the sound is too distracting.

Perfect and the last lifestyle feature that i want to discuss is its camera shutter feature now. I think this feature is still in beta yeah. Let me check the watch, features yeah. It says the camera icon there says lab, which simply means that theyre still kind of testing it out, but for what it does currently its its pretty cool. You know you can switch to video or photo whatever and from the watch itself. You can select the timer, and all you have to do is hit the button on the watch and it will start to count down and whatever Music mode. Your camera is on thats when it will start recording or take a photo, and then you can use the trigger on your watch. Also to stop a recording now lets get into fitness tracking weve come to expect a lot from smart watches in fitness tracking features. So the me watch tracks all of the following around the clock. Your step count, your calories burnt, your heart rate, your blood oxygen levels, your sleep, i think, even the number of times you get up and stay standing for at least a minute. It tries to get you to do that at least 12 times a day. The me watch is also able to estimate your energy and stress levels depending on how much rest you got your heart rate, while stationary and the general amount of activity you had over the course of a day.

Is it accurate, even the position where you put your watch on your body can change how it counts. The number of steps you take, but if comparing the heart rate, the step crown and the blood oxygen numbers that the me watch was able to record and display when i compared that with another device that i have, the numbers are within the same general range. I think the value of fitness tracking is really just about consistency and trends, so that you can see whether your resting heart rate is going up which indicates illness. You can see whether your step count is going down which indicates that you need to get moving so as long as youre wearing the me watch on your wrist every day and if you wear it at night too, which helps it track. Your sleep quality youll be able to see if youre, hitting your activity goals or need to step up now lets get into sport modes 117. Sport modes, a majority of which i dont even use. I only really use sport modes like yoga running swimming cycling. If it has a multi sport mode thats what i use if it has a weights mode, i can use that too cardio that sort of thing, but this one has yeah. It has high intensity interval, training, athletics, skateboarding, past water, sports, outdoor activities, training, dance, combat sports, small sports winter sports. So lets talk about the sport modes that i was able to try out, namely running indoor cycling.

With the current movement restrictions in place. I dont have access to the pool in my condo complex. I dont really feel safe, cycling outdoors at this point so yeah that was off the table. There is a triathlon mode, but i wasnt able to take it out for a full spin, but i was able to simulate that now before i go any further into sport modes, i want to mention that the me watch is able to sync your activities to strava. I think this was an issue with the earlier me watch, where your data couldnt really be exported out of the xiaomi wear app. So this time the xiaomi wear app is linked to strava. So every time you sync your me watch to the xiaomi ware app. You can also that same data can also automatically be uploaded onto strava. So if youre already a strava user and youre going to migrate to using a me watch, then all your data is still in the same place. You can still look at all the same metrics um. You can look at how strava crunches your data. The only thing i think is that when you look at the data crunch by strava versus the data that was recorded on the me watch and uploaded onto the xiaomi ware, app youll only be able to see moving time rather than total elapsed time so thats. Just something to consider when looking at your data on strava crunched from the xiaomi wear app now lets get deeper into the sport modes.

That i tried. Lets start off with running running has three screens, while youre using the watch during a training or workout session, and these three screens arent really customizable, but youll be able to find the information that you want on any of these three screens. So its already a lot of data presented right on your wrist and then you save the data. Its a whopping, eight screens of data post, run youre able to see a graph form of your pace. Your heart rate, your cadence. You can see how much time you spend at each heart rate zone and then the watch itself crunches all that data from that session, and it shows you a training effect and well show you, your vo2 max, which is an estimate, your recovery time and the energy Youve consumed from that gross energy number that it calculates every day upon your waking. All these metrics are going to help. You dig deep into the quality of the session that you just did what you need to improve, how you need to recover, etc. Next mode were going to discuss, is indoor cycling heres the thing with the mi watch. You cant really pair it with an external sensor, like an external heart rate, strap or a cadence sensor, a speed sensor, power meter. If you do indoor cycling on your own bike and you like looking at things from the point of view of how many kilometers you were able to do during a certain period of time, this watch really cant tell you.

But if you do indoor cycling like spin classes and all that, where calorie burn and heart rate are the most important metrics, then the me watch can do that for swimming, because i dont have a pool i wasnt really able to test. But i was able to simulate trying to go from one end of a pool to another and thats, because this watch has its own accelerometer and gyroscope. So it basically tracks your swim stroke by the motion of the arm, thats moving. And so when i tried to go from one end of my condo to the other, doing the swim, stroke and then switching directions, this knee watch was able to count that switching direction as a lap change, so yeah it counted the laps. There is no um, no lap button so that you can separate your interval time from your rest time, but if youre only doing swimming to count laps count number of calories the elapsed time yeah it can track your swim, really pretty. Well. Triathlon mode builds on the outdoor swim, outdoor cycle and outdoor run modes, but also adds transition between them. So you can record how much time you spend in transition, which you know transition is a major part of triathlon, so its always nice to be able to separate the transition time from the swim bike and run times now. The touch screen locks while in swim mode. So you will not accidentally switch the watch off while youre swimming or if somebody hits the face of your knee watch its not going to stop the swim from being recorded and also sometimes you know when your fingers are wet.

You really cant touch the touch screens. So because the touch screen is locked and you can only access the the controls from the home and sport buttons, then it eliminates any hassle to switch between disciplines. You have to hit the home button to pause the workout, and then you tap transitioning on the touch screen to start timing, the transition, and then you tap on the screen again ride or run to continue on to the next discipline it works. For the most part. My only concern is that the ride and run areas on the screen that you can tap are pretty small. So if youre already in a high pressure situation like a triathlon and your hands, are shaking and youre trying to get out of transition as fast as possible, you might miss that area on the screen to tap ride or run. Have i mentioned how much the me watch costs all of these features come at the price of 4990 pesos, which is about a hundred dollars, which is kind of amazing, if you think about it, because a lot of these features are in higher end smart watches. Sometimes these higher end smart watches, dont even have particular features like the barometer and the compass in the mi watch. You cant find it in another watch that i use, if youre an orienteer if youre somebody who likes going up in the mountains a lot and pathfinding through wilderness areas. I think the me watch might be a better device to have on your wrist during those situations.

Now the question becomes: is the me watch right for you? Ive had a few people approach me during my review period to ask if it would be a good substitute for other smart watches and fitness watches that they own, and i always had the question: do you need your external sensors? What are you planning to use this? Smart watch, for, if your answer is, you dont really need external sensors and you just want a fitness tracker with 24 7 fitness tracking with smartwatch features and the capability to record nearly any kind of workout or training session, then the me watch can fulfill that need For you, the me watch is available on shopi lazada and all authorized xiaomi stores, alright guys that is it for today. Thank you so much for watching. If you found this informative entertaining interesting, please give this video a thumbs up if you havent.