This is the more pro i believe. It’S called the f12 and uh i’ll have links for all of this down in the description um, but it works for apple and android. A couple of things here on the back heart rate, detection, step, counting sleep monitoring and message notification, so we’ll unbox it check it out, see what it comes with and hook it up to a phone and then i’m uh going to see how it compares to my Uh galaxy watch, so uh let’s go ahead and open up the box and check out the presentation, see what it comes with all right. So right off the bat we have a service card, like i said more pro and let’s see so just tells you thank you for choosing, and then we have a little instruction manual here, uh yeah, so it is called the f12. I was correct and uh looks like there’s the app that we’ll have to download and you can also scan that um. So just some uh quick little directions there so here’s the watch itself we’ll get to that in a sec, see what else is in this box and looks like then we just have the little charge cable. So let me get these items out of the way here. So the watch face looks nice and big let’s check out how this charge cable here works. Really quick, so uh there’s the length of it uh looks about about 24 inches long looks about two feet and i can see there that it is magnetic.

So, on the back here yeah we just have a little magnetic port uh. It looks like it will only go one way so it’s trying to go on there. It goes so uh just one way. There clicks on really easy, as you can see. If i try to put it on the other way, um, it tries to reverse the magnet so let’s check out the screen. Remove this little sticker and uh, like i said it does. Look like it’s got a pretty big um display, it does have. Removable bands looks like a 22 millimeter i’ll check that out uh see if my uh galaxy watch bands fit as well. They should so. Let me go ahead and power this on really quick, see if it’s got any juice and you can see more pro, oh wow. So uh i don’t know if that’s loading, oh no, so it’s already powered up uh that powered up really really fast uh, so let’s swipe down here so looks like um. We got about a full battery charge, um let’s see so we got some brightness on the watch. Uh we’ll leave it at max. Brightness for right now looks like we have find my phone. We have settings here, um wow. This looks very similar to my galaxy watch. Um, the display is very responsive, let’s, see what pressing that does, because it gets us back to there. Let’S see hold down, that’s, usually yep. So if you hold down, looks like you can change watch faces, um that’s, pretty cool there.

So let’s go ahead and put it on that one so let’s see if we swipe all right, so we got steps kilometers calories. We have our heart rate uh, we have sleep, data, okay and so those are our screens. Um i’ll try and find out what size screen this is but uh like i said this screen does look a little bit bigger than my galaxy watch screen does um and it they look very, very similar um. This one doesn’t have the more pro it. Doesn’T have a rotating bezel and it does only have uh one button on the side, but uh it’s not much more thicker than the galaxy watch and it’s, not uh that bigger so let’s see it looks like it does. Use 22 millimeter watch bands, so i can interchange this watch band. The watch band that it comes with is very nice. It’S super soft um go ahead and put it on my wrist here. So there we go it’s on my wrist there let’s see um see. Do we have flip to wake? Yes, we do and oh whoops um let’s, see trying to see if i cover the screen, if it puts it to sleep um, it looks like i’m just touching the screen, so it looks like once. I flip it. The other way. Um, it is dimming the screen turning it off, so that’s kind of cool let’s see if we swipe the other way. We have data sports heart rate, sleep, blood pressure.

Oh, we got music, we got weather, stop, watch messages, fine phone and settings so i’m gon na try all these out as well. I’Ll hook it up to a phone here in a minute, so uh very nice watch, especially for the price and uh it’s very comfortable. So um, like i said, i can’t believe how how nice that screen is on this watch. Um it’s very, very comparable to my galley galaxy watch, which is crazy, so you can see them there and this one is very bright. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na grab a phone um i’ll grab a phone. Let me go into some settings here, let’s see so we have vibration as well, then i can feel it uh vibrating so display uh dial switch brightness screen time. Uh turn risk to wake that’s awesome. So let me go ahead and turn this up to nine seconds. It’S, just informing you turning it on longer and the brightness will kill the battery dial switch okay, so that’s to change those um nice all right. So let me go grab um a phone and uh we’ll, get this hooked up and check it out all right. So i got my daughter’s phone here um. This is a samsung galaxy, note, 10, plus 5g and we’re going to search for fit cloud pro fit cloud pro right there and we’ll go ahead and install all right, so that’s all done so we’ll go ahead and open, and so it looks like you can uh Register or you can use without an account uh, which is nice, so i’m gon na go ahead and just create a free account, really quick, all right so uh that was super quick um just registered really fast.

So it looks like you can do a nickname. You can put a picture so i’m gon na go ahead and set up my info really quick and i’ll be right back all right. So i got the uh bluetooth here turned on um and it found the watch right away. So i’m gon na hit connect and uh. It looks like it connected successfully. That was super quick, so we’ll go ahead and allow some permissions here and then uh. It looks like you can change some uh settings here, so um allow it to run. In the background. All right, so here we are in the phone app, so it looks like you can just uh pull up some info from the watch, so we’ll go to the device. Um looks like we have our battery here. Uh alarm clock, uh, sit alert, drink water alert, um. Some dial settings um, it looks like there’s. Actually, a ton of different watch faces that’s, really nice that’s, pretty cool let’s, go ahead and find one here and we’ll see how it goes on the watch. So let’s do this one here that one looks pretty nice. So we’ll go ahead and sync dial and let’s see so it looks like it says, syncing and it says updating there on the watch and there we go was uh really easy. Um. I like how there’s a bunch of different watch bases here with a lot of these um watches. You cannot get um different watch faces on them.

Um that’s, usually only for the more expensive watches, so that’s really nice that they um include a bunch of those. So it looks like it has wrist sense. Also same thing: the samsung watch has so uh. It will detect when it’s on your wrist um. Some of them will allow you to lock it out. Um has a bunch of different uh stuff on here, so you can change your hand unbind. You can change the different settings in here, so it’s really cool. So now what i want to do is i’m going to go ahead and i’m going to make a phone call and see if it goes to the watch. Um yeah. This is a different background. Like i said, this is my daughter’s phone all right, so i’m calling it and there we go uh. The watch is vibrating uh and it is vibrating pretty strong. I do have the vibration turned up all the way, so it looks like i can go ahead and decline. The call so now i’ll go ahead and i’m gon na send a text message to it and see what it does all right. So i just sent the text and there it goes right. There. Um shows it there on the watch and the watch did vibrate. So, like i said guys uh, i will have the um links for this watch down below uh standard 22 millimeter watch bands um. You can order those watch bands pretty much anywhere a quick release there, like i said it will it’s interchangeable i’ll, take the one here off my galaxy watch and i will just pop it in here and get some of the light there and you can see there.

So that’s the watch band off of my galaxy watch. Um fits right in there, so standard watch bands so uh. In conclusion, guys i’m actually very very impressed with this watch. Um i’ve had a bunch of different, cheaper watches. I’Ve had more expensive watches. I love to have watches. I have a bunch of different watches. I have all of the samsung watches everyone that they have came out with. I currently daily drive the galaxy watch. Three, my wife uses the galaxy watch active two um and my daughters have the uh, regular uh galaxy watch active but uh for a budget watch that has this many features for this price: uh it’s kind of a no brainer. You can’t really go wrong. Um with this watch, it’s uh really really well built comes with a super nice band, nice big bright screen on it, um yeah, i mean you can’t, really go wrong there, so uh, if you guys, are interested like i said i will have a link down below One more thing i did want to check um, i want to check the screen, so these are actually uh screen protectors, um for the galaxy watch three, as you can see, it fits right in there. This is just a tempered glass and this is a plastic one. So it looks like it does exactly cover the screen right there on the, where you actually touch it. It is a little too small, but you can get bigger screens um screen protectors, but i just wanted to see how big the screen was compared to this.

So this uh more pro f12 is bigger. The screen is bigger than the galaxy watch. So uh appreciate you guys watching any uh questions comments. Anything like that guys, uh leave them down below and uh i’m glad. I could uh show you guys.