So this is a smartwatch fitness tracker works on the iphone works on android phones also has customizable watch faces, heart, monitor, sleep, monitor and also obviously it’s going to count your steps. It is ip 68 dust and waterproof fitness for men and women, so this is the vt3 light. I did a previous video when it was just a vt3, just uh the vermi temple watch that’s. An awesome watch uh very minor differences between the two, but this is set to give you awesome battery life. I mean i’ve used it for a little bit. I reset it for this video and i will have the link down in the description below it is 35.99 on amazon. It connects pretty good to, like i said, android or or um ios, so it does have 18 sport modes and a sleep tracker which is real. Nice, unfortunately, this one doesn’t have that oxygen sensor where it detects your oxygen level also has a customizable dial. You have smart controls and, according to their website on amazon, the battery life on this thing is pretty good. I mean, i think they said maybe like a week of battery life. So let me double check that real quick, but i think it’s about a week of battery life, so awesome battery life. You don’t have to charge it like. Every day, like i do with apple watch, i always have to charge it like daily. Every time i come home jump in the shower, i got it on charge, so yeah, so let’s go ahead and set this up.

We’Re going to go through some of the settings on here has a 1.3 inch touchscreen long, lasting battery life, so one full charge takes about two hours to charge, but it lasts about a week, like i said seven days about 15 days of standby. So about a week on one charge: that’s pretty good, so let’s go ahead and unbox this real, quick and pair it up to my android phone right here, because i got the iphone actually recording so i’m going to use my android phone to pair this up and Get this going so once again, this is the vermee temple b, t3 light smartwatch fitness tracker, whatever you want to call it be fit be stylish. So here is uh what’s included here you can see, we do have the watch, usb cable and the user manual on the vermee temple the original one that i got not it’s, not the light version uh. The minor differences is, it does come with extra bands and it comes with oxygen sensor and stuff like that, but i believe they both use the same app. So here is the qr code. If you’re on ios, you want this open your camera up and point it here and it’ll, give you a app where you can download and install it and same thing goes for if you’re on android, google and then on the back, we do have some of the Features that it does have comprehensive swim tracking messaging, so you can show your messages.

You can sync them up to your phone and it works great um. Let me see easy to access your music, so you can control your music play. Paul skip so let’s go ahead and open this up real quick. This is what the watch looks like go ahead and unbox this real quick here we go. You get this white box inside it says burme. I like that little gold accent it’s like a vm, make that pretty neat like a vm and then we get the smartwatch fitness tracker right here. I’Ve already used it test it out, it’s, very lightweight, and you can see the connections back there to charge. It has the same, i believe the same magnetic charger as the vermi temple, and then we have that red accent button. So this is all one button access touch screen. The band feels great silicone band i’m, very light very easy to remove if you can swap them out. If you want, i kind of like that particular one and then we’ll go ahead and see what else we get in this box. So we do get extra size to make it bigger or smaller, i think bigger right there. So we do have that we don’t have extra bands so and then we have the charging cable, which is the same as the original temple. Vermi temple seems like the user manual, and then we got the their websites on the back. You can check out their website, like i said, i’ll have the link in the description below and that is that’s all we get in the box, there’s no um little plug in or wall plug.

In for this you just get this. You can put this either in your computer or you can use a different um wall plug there’s tons of them around. So i got plenty of those so here’s. The watch let’s go ahead and power it on real quick. Hopefully it has juice there. It goes english. You got a real, strong vibration, that’s one thing that i did notice with this one compared to the regular uh vermi temple vc3. The light to me seems like it has a stronger um, a stronger uh vibration, so let’s go ahead and get this unlock. My phone good tcl by the way and let’s go ahead, and so you open the camera. Then you get this google lens there and then you just you, can see it there and you hit the search button here. It is in the google play store. This is the app you need to install open. The app is really really good. I like the app you can either you can create an account or you can use directly, which that’s most of the time. What i normally do. You have to go through this, so i’ll skim through it real, quick and then you hit next and then you have all this. You can set your goals to your sport steps your weight, your calories hit next, so now that we’re here at this at this particular screen, you want to hit, add watch at the top and you can see it there.

It says the vermillite hit connect and then you can add whatever you want on here: sms notifications, caller id whatever you want to do there, but there it is it’s going to give you information on the watch battery status and all that you can change watch faces. Whatever it is, you want to do, you can open a camera, you can change the watch format. 24 hours to 12., i believe there’s, a weather. Also, i can’t tell you see if there’s a upgrade. We are on the latest version and wear it on my right, because i got my apple watch on my left and begin to use. You got running. You got cycling which mainly what i do speed walking ball games mall in swimming free training, and that is that no data, because i i just put i just reset it just for this video, but that is the app i like the app. The app is very intuitive and then, if you go up here, you can change the dial here’s a different dial, but on the watch itself it has its own watch faces. So that is let’s. Go back to the watch now gives you the date and time and also the steps, and you could just long press here’s, the music controls, but you could long press and switch through. The different watch faces that it has doesn’t have a whole bunch, but it has pretty good ones on here. I’M gon na go ahead and leave it there for now, but yeah let’s go ahead and try this on and see and test it for a heart.

So let me put this on it’s a very comfortable watch by the way, like i said, it’s only 35.99. Let me see how i got this on here. There’S, a watch let’s go ahead and do a heart heart reading, so 88 beats per minute, that’s pretty good, and then we do have the messages and settings, and here are also the the sport modes. You got fast walk all that good stuff, so it’s a very comfortable watch very affordable. If you want to get into uh tracking your steps and whatnot. This is probably one of the watches. I would recommend once again, vermee temple vt3 light smartwatch be fit be stylish. You guys are interested in more updates on this watch like a follow up. Video drop, a comment down below and i’ll. Do that for you but uh.