99 on amazon. So it has heart rate tracking. You can also do your steps on here: smartphone notifications, blood, oxygen level and a lot of other cool features such as breathing techniques and other things. So so there is a 20 off coupon code available on amazon, i’ll link that down below and we’re just going to go ahead and open. It up check it out and see how good this smart watch is. As you guys can see right here, you can see the vt3 model in the vt3 plus you can see what all the different models have you can see. Our model has sleep monitoring, blood oxygen step count a 1.5 inch hd screen that’s another upgrade over the bt3. Is it’s an hd screen, heart rate monitoring, column message, reminders 18 sport modes, heart health, breathing training and custom watch faces coming soon, so this is the one to get if you’re going to get one so there’s, not really much else to say on the amazon page. Here it has an app in the app where you can download to sync it with your phone. You don’t need to seek it with your phone for the basic functions, but you’ll want to and it’s ip68 waterproof, which is very good. You want waterproof so we’re just going to go ahead and find a way to open this up here, real quick here. It is right here so it’s a nice little package. You can see it’s a smart watch, your healthier style, the side.

Here you can see some of the information: 17 sport modes, uh sleep, monitoring up to seven day battery life and there’s, a waterproof rating. I just said right there so here’s a look at the back. You have this attractive little metal, uh little tinty thing on the packaging very extra – so i say stuff like that, and this is all the stuff i basically said before right here, so you can see it all right there. You can see a quick download or quick links to download the apps right here comes with the smart watch, a usb cable and a user manual. So very simple: you just slide it out, go ahead and open this box too, and here it is it’s a very nice package. Honestly i, like all the different metallic colors they have on the packaging, and here is the smart watch itself. It looks just like an apple watch to me and or eye watch. If you will apple watch and here it is right here you can see it’s pretty thin. You can see all your sensors on the back right there. That looks to be the charging port right here: a magnetic charging port nice metal design. This is actually aluminum. It feels like so metal body. I really like that. The band is very nice. Looking too, it has like a sort of textured design on it, and you can see the side right here. Nothing here right here and there is a screen protector on it.

So we’ll peel that off we’ll go ahead and turn it on real, quick and then we’ll see what else is in the package booted up very quickly. There was no like boot up sequence: it just booted up english and there it is so it’s up on the screen. You can see all your stuff right here. Swimming run, fast, walk bike, so we’re going to set that down. We’Ll, do some more research into that we’ll. Remove this box right here. You can see the only other thing in the package. Is your charging cable right here? You can see the magnets and the two pins that’s, how it stays waterproof. You just attach it just like. So got ta, get it the right direction, just like so, and it magnetically charges and you have a user manual right here. It looks like i feel great with this product and you have a user manual right down here. So we’re just gon na go ahead and take a closer look at the smart watch itself. So here we go guys we’re going to take a quick look at the watch settings right here then we’re going to connect it to the app over there. So you can see if you swipe to the left here. You have your messages you swipe over this way. You have your main watch face here. You can see the time the date, your heart rate, you can also see how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you burned.

If you go down, you can see your progress for the day. A complete circle means you’ve completed that day’s progress, calories, kilometers, which you can’t change to miles minutes right there and hours that you’ve been active right there, so we’re going to go ahead and go up we’re going to go up again here you can see you have Your brightness settings you have auto, you can also go to turn auto off iphone brightness on right now. This is your heart health right here, so at an if enabled it will monitor rem, sleep and heart health. However, when you do have that turned on your battery, life will be about four days instead of seven days. So keep that in mind go back here back here again, you can see you have a sort of just a bright screen there, a little flashlight. If you will go up again and you have do not disturb on or off so we’ll go ahead and go back press here go over, you can see you have all these different exercises in here: badminton swimming basketball, hiking and when you press one, for instance, let’s Say situps, you can press start right here, try to get a better focus on here. You can press, go ahead and press start right here and you can see it. I you can see it actively monitors everything. The uh heart rate detector is on and getting your heart rate actively, and you can see it tells you right here how many sit ups you’ve done, how many calories you burned right there.

If you go down, you can see your heart rate and the routine. What step you’re in right there based on your heart rate, and you can pause it by pressing this button right here. You do that. It shows your past time right here. So this is how long you’ve been paused for 24 25 26 27, and then you can pause it by pressing here. You can press this right here to go back to resume and you can press this to end it and it will save your data if it’s long enough too it’s not long enough in my case, so i think that’s really cool that it can monitor different exercise Activities depending on what you’re doing so, it has an idea of what routine you’re doing and how to monitor it, and there are, i think, like 18 or 19 different sport exercises in here, you go over. You can do your blood oxygen level right here, heart health. This is just to turn it on honor off again. Have your breath training right here, deep relaxed, nervous regulation. That’S me right there, replenish energy – have stress right here can monitor your stress level somehow. Obviously, this has to be on your wrist for it to actually accurately do anything. I don’t even know how i can tell my stress level, uh events right here, so you can just put events in there. You have a stopwatch here, very nice plenty of uses, and you have a timer right there.

Compass right here see how accurate it is. You’Ve got to like get it accurate first and you can see the compass right here very cool and then at the very last thing at the bottom. Here we have the settings, and here you can change the different watch faces. So you have the default. One have a little cool one right here, just scroll through all of them sort of apple, looking right there with the flower – and it just does say, it’s an hd screen and it does look hd. I don’t know the exact resolution but it’s very crystal clear, honestly. It’S beautiful, as you guys can see yourself so we’ll go ahead and go this way, there’s a default one. You have this one, this one this one and this one so we’ll stick on this one just to make it a little different. You see smart tracking on or off 24 hour clock you’ll probably do 12 hours depending on where you live. You have do not disturb set date. It’S that time, language about just a little app to tell you what’s or just a little qr code to tell you what’s going on and down here, you have reset too at the very bottom. So now what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go back to the main screen here and we’re going to go ahead and go to the app and we’re going to see what the app has to offer us.

So here we are guys we’re sitting down with papa brando right here and it’s a little hard to get this to work. But, theoretically, when you lift your hand and look, it should show you the time. Let’S, try that again there we go so that’s a little hard to get to work sometimes, but it doesn’t really auto go back like that. Maybe if you’re really quick with it, it will so here we are we’re gon na go to the app here. We’Re gon na press add a watch. Bluetooth is not available, so we’re gon na make sure bluetooth is turned on. It is on press it again. It decided to work here’s my watch up here connecting and it is connected and 70 battery life so i’m, going to appear with my ipad’s bluetooth by pressing that just allow it to do whatever it wants, because you know we trust them don’t. We so easy camera right here. I don’t know what that means that allows you to use the uh watch itself as a camera, so that’s a little button right there i can use to control my ipad’s camera. I guess it’s, seeing the back of the case. Right now, like so so, that’s pretty cool feature, so we’ll go ahead and close out of that. Okay firmware upgrade oh gosh we’ll. Do that later um date format down here, so you can change the date format month day day month. We’Ll do a month day, unit of measure imperial metric imperial we’ll do imperial sedentary reminder.

So if you’re sitting too long it’ll help you out there let’s go ahead and switch to the ipad guys. I decided to take you guys into the ipad because it’s easier, so we saw the camera function very cool that you can do that. You have your date format. We saw before your unit of measurement we saw before you can change your weather format to fahrenheit right there, a vibration reminder a lot of different settings here: different vibration modes and just for alerts and such right there clock radiation. Those are just the vibration settings right. There different functions and types of vibrations, very cool, honestly, depending on what you’re doing and what you want a reminder for. So we go down. We have your palming gesture right here. You know i’m, not even going to pretend to know what that is so we’re just going to skip that bright screen time five seconds, so how long it is before it times out. This is something i’ve been wanting to change. I wasn’t able to do it from the uh watch itself. I don’t believe so. I want it to not time out for a while, so that’ll keep the screen brighter wearing manner i’m wearing it on my right arm, because i’m left handed, and it does want me to upgrade the firmware. So i will do that soon and you can see you can update it right. There, let’s press start and just see what happens we’ll send it let’s see if there’s anything happening on my watch itself, nothing that i can see and uh.

This is gon na. Take too long so we’re gon na stop. Yes and you can unbind your watch, so you can uh not have it connected anymore. If you wish up here, you have your alarm schedule, so you can set alarms for the watch sedentary reminder, as we saw before so it’ll. Tell you if you’re sitting too long message notification, so you can turn on message notifications for different apps. You have so, for instance, i would probably do messages and uh facebook messenger down there or how to get way too. Many, if i did that, honestly and that’s it on the main page, if you go over here to data, you can see all your data that the watch collected right up top it’s in celsius right now. However, you can change that, as we saw back over here imperial fahrenheit. However, i don’t know if it will change it on the app up here itself. You can see how many steps i’ve taken, how long i’ve been active for and how many calories i’ve burned, and these are how many miles i’ve gone on each of these different sports settings right here and you can press go and record. But i do that from the watch itself and it will tell you how long you’ve been doing each of those activities, for i haven’t done anything because i’m, a lazy man – and this would be data if you had it. Your heart rate data, your sleep data uh, your calorie data and your o2 data at the bottom right.

There um, i haven’t, used it long enough for it to collect any of that data really. But if you did it’d be right here go over here to personal information and you can see your email, your goal settings, so you can change your weight. How many steps you want to take a day? How many calories you want to burn a day right here and you can go over here and see all of these different things: 101 guy. These are just little tips right here, depending on what watch you’re using how to set it up and use it that’s. Basically, what i did, though, that’s just the user manual and set down here you can change the temperature switch, which is what i wanted to do and we would do imperial in my case, i guess just to check it out and now we’ll go back over here And you can see that our data is in fahrenheit’s now, so you can switch that if that helps you out any so we’ll go ahead and go to the watch real, quick and check out some of the different monitoring functions. I decided to just go ahead and full, send it and upgrade it. So you can see four percent right there and it does say upgrading on the watch just say about 10 minutes remaining, but you can see the progress going up so let’s see how this goes. So i decided to just walk some laps around the backyard just to see if the watch is actually working and from what i’ve looked at so far the automatic functionality of when you do this, it works actually very well in real life use.

So my test it sort of didn’t work well, but, for instance, when i did it smoothly like that, it works and i can see it and it stops do it again. It works really good in real life. So that was just a bad test. I did, and i did find out that the heart rate and the step track it doesn’t, auto, activate so it’s not live updating. It updates like every minute or two so um it’s, not constantly checking your heart rate and it’s, not constantly updating your steps, as you can see right now, it says 185 and 85 and 7 calories burned, so it updates eventually so that’s. All that matters um you’ll get a an accurate reading. You just have to give it some time but that’s, okay, considering about 60 bucks, so here’s a quick look at the ipad. You can see all of my health data finally logged into it. Just give it some time and let it load and it will all come into the ipad or whatever device you’re using iphone android. So we’re going to move that aside and here’s the actual watch itself. So i did do the update. Finally, and i guess i should have done that before, because everything looks a lot different now more apple like you can see, you can control your music down here and it’s just more fluent looking over here. This is a little bit different, looking sort of nicer looking and over here.

Your settings are in a block instead of a scroll, so we’ll go ahead and do my blood oxygen, real, quick 96. Is that good i don’t know and the sleep and health tracking is now just sleep tracking, since i did the update so now, let’s do the breathing techniques here just helps you breathe and i wanted to do the uh. The stress test, real, quick, see what the hell that is, it is using these sensors on the back to read something on me, though, probably based on my heart rate. My stress is medium, but it’s almost to the orange, so that’s, not too good, and we go over here to the main screen. Again, you can see my heart rate and steps, and i guess if you want to see your live heart rate, you kind of have to open a setting, maybe so fast walk for example, and it will show you your heart rate throughout the entire thing. I believe so give it a second to read the heart rate 110. I guess that’s right i’m, a little uh worked up right now and i guess that’s one of the only ways to see it live possibly i’m, not sure, but over here. If you’re willing to wait, it will update on the main screen right there. So there you go guys just a quick look at the vermee smart watch right here, it’s, a very cool smart watch, considering the price it’s about 60 on amazon, you get the 1.

5 inch hd screen. It’S got the sort of apple. Look to it. A very nice app with it, it can do your heart rate can track your sleep and rem, sleep and your blood oxygen level. Among many other things, such as phone notifications, you can control your music. You saw the little camera thing, so you can use it to take photos or videos on the devices connected to a lot of cool different features in there, and it just looks really cool too. You have all the different watch faces, as we saw before you can control from the settings over here bottom corner here. Different watch faces just like so and overall it’s, just a very cool watch. You get a lot of cool different features included in it hold down on it, gives you a little vibration, and once you vibrate it, that means your new watch face is loaded on that trunk or hold down on it, and that is our new watch space now. So if you guys are interested in this smart watch, there will be a link down below to purchase if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like, and if you guys, really enjoyed this video and want to see more of these cool tech. Videos be sure to subscribe for more content. Um, if you guys have any questions or comments, leave them down below and i’ll get right back to.