This is hariran and i’m back with another video of bilbo. In this video we are going to see about the detailed review of vivo v20 without any further time. Let’S get straight into the video and guys here’s. Our review unit package of vivo v20 come let’s, unbox it Music. The box beats us with your paper, pamphlets and user manuals and guys this mobile feels lightweight. It has a usbc type, cable and a 33 watt fast charger, and it includes a transparent productivity case. This vivo v20 includes the basic earphones. I think the earphones in our review unit may be missed and guys this mobile feels very lightweight and we got the sunset melody: color variant: okay, guys let’s jump into the detailed review of vivo v20 vivo v20 is a gorgeous looking phone. It is slim and weights. Just right 171 grams, which is not something we can say for most phones, we run into these days. The sunset melody color, which is predominantly blue, is a tad too flashy for my personal taste, but there are also midnight jazz, which is black color and moonlight. Sonata color options to choose from vivo uses a poly carbonate frame along the sides and the actual glass for the back. The buttons are metallic and the power key has a texture which makes it easier for fingers to recognize the type 3 charging port. 3.5 mm audio jack and the speaker grille are well aligned symmetrically at the bottom.

Moving on the front, the display has a new drop notch, which is one of the dated knot, styles and it is protected by skull sections in 3d glass. The earpiece is quite in long so much that we were hoping for stereo output. The fingerprint sensor is present under the display and it is fast and snappy. Vivo v20 has a good quality, amoled display and consequently, blacks are deep and contrast is high. This is not high refrigerate display, but ui transitions and animations are snappy. They did not particularly mind the regular 60 hits panel. We understand that this could be a tough for some users to look past. Our review unit has a wide wine drm l3 certifications and does not support history streaming on netflix or prime videos. Camera performance is what should primarily give vivo v20 and it’s over its rival on the rear. The handset has a 64 megapixel primary camera pad with an 84 megapixel wide angle and two megapixel portrait camera on the front that’s a 44 megapixel selfie camera that vivo lays special emphasize on be it in indoors outdoors. The rear camera does good in proper lighting. The v20 doesn’t have the gimbal camera hardware of the x50, but the image processing software has been passed on. We include some picture samples of vivo v20. The vivo v20 is powered by a snapdragon 720 g octa core chipset pad with 8gb of ram and up to 256 gb of storage, while definitely not class.

Leading the snapdragon 720 g is similar to snapdragon 730g in terms of performance and is still great at handling. All day day to day tasks and even high end gaming, we could notice that the performance, especially when it comes to the tasks like gaming and image processing, is a hash lower than what you get on flagships. If you are into the hardcore gaming, perhaps oneplus not with 765g would suit you better for our moderate needs. The snapdragon 720g is sufficient. Vivo has been making incredibles phone this year. Phones that are not speaks monsters but still strike the right quads. The vivo v20 is one such phone that was very enjoyable to use. It is a slim phone that extremely comfortable to wheel has a good quality. Amoled display runs the latest android 11 based software, and the camera performance is better than what we usually get in this price range on the downside. It does not include the latest and greatest soc and is missing a high refresh rate screen. Vivo v20 will be against the likes of oneplus nord and samsung galaxy m51, and we would say it serves as a decent alternative to these phones so guys we came to end of this video if you like this video click on the thumbs up button and share Your valuable comments and comment section and then don’t forget to subscribe below and click on the bell icon to get instant notifications from bilbo.