The vodafone’s neo’s chunky, colorful design, is the nicest we’ve seen on any kit. Smartwatch up to date, the neo comes in a choice of two colors mint and ocean. Blue though the strap is silicone, it is quite thick and doesn’t feel cheap, like some other rubber straps do it’s comfortable to wear and feels light on the wrist weighing just 40.6 grams. The strap itself is rather fiddly for the kid’s device. You have to pull it through the loop and tighten it to push the clasp through one of the notches, but it’s really hard to put the strap through to secure the watch. Neo’S watch face is circular surrounded by a plastic finish. The screen is bright and clear. It’S, a high quality 1.3 inch 240 by 240 display Music it holding up well on the direct sunlight and not picking up fingerprints easily, which is good to navigate the neo users, can turn it on via power button on the bottom and then just swipe or tap On the screen there’s another button on the top right hand, side of the watch, which has a quick access to 5 megapixels camry. The display has several animated and interactive disney characters called here. Sidekicks children can choose between several sidekicks, so we got here elsa from frozen minnie mouse, boss, lightyear iron man, darth vader, and the child from mandalorian Music. The animations are brilliant, with the character’s expression and movements matching those you see in the disney films.

Neo feels a bit bulky compared with fitbit on garmin’s offerings, but it can be compared directly because it does so much more than just count steps. This is more like an apple watch for kids it’s, squeezing a 5 megapixel camera at the top of the watch and built in vodafone smart sim card into its case. The camera doesn’t exactly take the best snapshots like for comparison. The latest iphone but it’s a neat. Little feature for kids to play with all these features comes at costs. As you can see, the neo is around 1.5 centimeters thick, which means it sticks out a lot. So the watch might be a bit too cumbersome and heavy for children younger than 4 years old. It’S probably intended for a bit older children. However, though the phone hasn’t given an age range for the watch anyway, everything is responsive and nippy and works well. Plus the watch is water and dust resistant to the ip68 standard, so it should be able to take a fair bit of rough treatment. I gave neo to my five years old son sebastian who, within a minute of giving the device, was able to use the camera sent me an emoji text, made a phone call and found everything he wanted. As a parent. I appreciate the ability to see the location of child and communicate with him using the neos phone calls and text messages facility. There is no live tracking, as you get with some other kids watches.

Where you can get your child’s position on request, you can stay in touch with your children with calls chat and fun emojis via smart, app, instant messaging on neo is simplified, as it don’t include. A keyboard kit can only choose between a list of pre written messages. Such as on my way, call me please or at school plus number of emojis to make a quick call from neo. The big blue button has to be pressed and hold for around 5 seconds, which could prove really effective in the event of an emergency. Both the built in speaker and microphone produce clear and legible audio for phone calls. Obviously, this can vary depending on your signal. Your child won’t be able to link up headphones to the watch, so calls are broadcast out loud i’m. Okay with it. Let me know: what’s your opinion in the comment field below in the vodafone smart, app, it’s, easy to add up to 9 contacts using mum or dad’s phone, meaning kids can’t just call anyone or browse random stuff on the web, which might otherwise be a worry. I like it, let me know what you think in the comments below Music. All the features on the watch include the weather, a calendar calculator and a photo album of images snapped using the watch. Kids cannot access an open web browser using the neo and there are no games currently on the neo. Hopefully these will be added in the future updates Music.

The battery as the neo is basically a phone watch. It only lasts on average 24 hours on a full battery charge and it drains even faster. When used more heavily daily battery charging is necessary to help preserve the battery life. You can turn off the sidekick mode and use the basic theme and turn down the brightness levels. On average, the watch takes around two and a half hours to charge from flat to full. The box comes with two straps one, traditional and another, which allows the watch to sit at an angle on the wrist for easier viewing. I’Ll quickly show you how to replace the straps first slide the latch and, while holding it, pull the strap away from the wash to remove it and to put it back or replace it with a new one. You will just have to reverse the steps. Music that’s, easy Music. The neo is out now in the uk and europe and you can buy it from the vodafone website. This costs up front 99, pound here and there’s, an amazon link in the video description where you could get it a bit cheaper for 87 pounds. You can choose between 7 pound monthly subscription for a minimum of 24 months or a 12 pounds monthly cost for a minimum of 12 months. I agree this might be a steep cost, but don’t forget that it’s packed with really cool features and it’s having the disney brand attached. Let me know what you think in the comments area below Music, that was a tech review of vodafone neo in the next video we’re gon na review imo zet6.

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