Zoom smartwatch dx2 let’s get started. It comes with the smart watch instructions, Applause, a usb cable and a book to buy more stuff. From that we took Music let’s, see the features of the smartwatch peel, the sticker off Music. Here we have the master power, switch to turn it on and off Music. Here we have the shutter button and the home button. If you take this off, you have a pole to connect your usb cable to charge. It now turn it on. Then you can click your shutter button or your home button. Music set your date then set your time and your hour Music. You can change the clock to analog or digital move it around to get 3d effects then to get to the next page. Click the home button. Again now let’s go to our photos, Music. Here we can switch the camera here’s our rear camera, and here we have our selfie camera Music. Now you can get filters by just clicking on these arrows Music to take a photo. You can click the blue button of a camera or you can click the shutter button Music now to go back press the home button. Now to our video, you can do the same things change your camera to filters and you can click this button to take your video or you can click the shutter button and the same thing to go back home to see your photos and videos youtube. Go to the gallery it’s right down the camera.

You can see your photos that you took and your videos. If you want to delete one of them, you can just click this trash and click check. If you want to delete it, if you don’t want to delete it click the cross, if you want a slideshow, you can click that blue button. Now let’s go to voice changer, you can click click, the red button to take the voices that you do and record yourself Music. Then here you can make you can choose which voice you want. You can also delete it check the check button. If you want to delete it and the cross button, if you don’t click the home button, now on the game controller, you can do games, puzzle, swap ancient adventure and mossy maze, click them to start the game Music. Now we have monster catcher where you can catch monsters. Here we have noodle booster, balloon numbers, add one out treasure, hunt and brain status. Here we have silly yourself or monster yourself here we can take your own photo click, it the click, the blue button or the shutter button to take your photo. You can switch your camera and you can add different like analog or digital Music, or if you already took a picture, you can go to this book and you can select the photo if you want that photo click check or you can just see from the home Page, you can go there and see the photos it took here.

We have making sounds you can click on one of these? You can tap them to make the noise or you can say, good Music. There are a lot of ones to choose from here. We have Music, some exercises that you can do you run island racing run, you can buy some funky jump and you dance. I dance crate see here we have our petrometer here we have our alarm timer and stopwatch also calendar. You can set one of these Music to set it just click on one of these. If you want to change the picture, you can click the green arrows or you can just swipe Music. You can click on it, but so you can change it the time here, time master. We have the time master and owl teaches you time: Music, Music. Here we have downloads, it’s learning, launch Music connect. The watch to your computer with the micro, usb cable and those are some things that you can do here. We have settings, you can increase or decrease your volume, we have advanced, just click set and we have memory image, display parental control, factory reset and lots more. Here we have wallpaper just click, the green arrows or swipe, and when you like it, you can click and the settings will be changed here. We have smart wake up. We can have 3d effects Music time state brightness that’s all for today’s video hope you, like the video.