Video today, with this v wa fly 2, that we will fly three and see what differences they have and i’ll tell you my personal opinion, on which one is better. At the end of the video so make sure you stay tuned as always make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks and what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit The bell notification, so, when upload any video you’ll actually be notified right, if you want to see full reviews on both of these then check out my uh, fake watches, playlist or the video links will be in the description box below you can check it out. Not only do i do these, i do a lot of other videos so check out my previous videos and make sure you are subscribed anyways enough of that let’s get straight into it. I’Ll just show you a quick glimpse of the boxes, so this is the reward. Fly 2 um: the box is a little bit different compared to the view of fly 3. uh v wall stays on the box is printed on the box. You also got a embedded watch text on the box as well uh series six space, aluminium case 44. Millimeter. Remember that 44 millimeter, with the reward fly three coming to the rio fly too, and you said smartwatch series. Six and it’s got the same text on the back, but in different font and uh one’s, bold and one’s, not so that there we have the box.

So, with the we will fly to let’s, just zoom in, for you, let’s see what you get inside the box it’s a bit different compared to the fly three. As you can see here, you got the watch band there and uh. Another other different thing is the charging mechanism. This charging mechanism is similar to the original. With the magnetic wireless charger coming to the view of fly 3, it gets a little bit different here. The same looks as the original as you can see, but the charging mechanism is totally different. This is like a book charging mechanism. You put the smartwatch inside like this and just close it up and there we go plug the usb and that’s how you charge it. So enough of that, that is the boxes with both of these. The main thing is the smart watches. If you saw the v wall flight 3 full review, you would have known uh, which one is which so to my left, we have the v wall fly 2 to my right. We have the view of flight 3.. Now, with the vivo fly three actually states on the box: it’s a 44 millimeter, even when i bought it from aliexpress, it stays it’s a 44 millimeter. But if you look at the body, it looks so much like a 14 millimeter and it feels much smaller than the v will fly to as well so uh the design of the both of these, the we we will fly.

Two has the crown also the micro tau and the button placement. The v wall fly 3 doesn’t have that it has the crown the mic cutout, but no button taking it to the side. As you can see, the v will fly. 3 has a see through silicon strip right there, where you can see inside it’s. Nothing like that with the wheel fly 2.. Take a look at the back. They are a little bit different we’re going to break these. There are better differences with the sensors, but don’t don’t be fooled by them. They don’t work properly, as you can see, and also on the other side. You’Ve got the speaker grills right there, so this looks more like a space, gray color. This is just a gloss black matte glo. I think my gloss black as you can see right there, so this is like a uh original color of uh clone of the original. So, as you can see here, um, this is the 44 millimeter that we will flight. Two – and this is definitely a 40 millimeter – that we will fly uh three. So to put this, we will fly two on. You hold the power button, of course, and then give you a little vibrate holding the crown button will switch. The v will fly to one different uh startup uh tones and startup logos, as you can see right there, both boots and as you can see, you’ve got different white traces.

Now, with the v wall fly 2, you can get more watch faces than expected, and the only bad thing about it is the crown bone does not work, but you do get more watch faces than uh. The reward fly 3 and you can also have custom watch faces, as we did with this one right here. Put my under a cord tripod on coming to the v wall fly 3. The crown does work, but it’s got it’s, got too much lag and, as you can see, as you can see here, i’m, not even twitching it and it just it. Just changes when it wants to uh it doesn’t have uh only has about nine watch faces loaded onto it, not like the. We will fly two that are much more probably over 20. I would say i’m, not too sure i’m trying to get a keep up with the apps, but it does have much more. You can actually uh put custom with my watch faces onto this one as well onto the. We will fly three, but you do get more loaded, uh watch faces on here as well on this uh. We will fly too so that’s a good thing about it now come into the menu of this one. As you can see here, you’ve got the list menu which is similar to the uh. We will fly three now if you go into uh here here we have the uh that’s the nine view, and you only got the nine view and the smart view.

You have two menu apps on the v wall fly three let’s see what we have on the v wall fly two. So if you scroll it down, you’ve got two again, so you’ve got the smart menu which, if we scroll here but the only bad thing about it, is you only have to you can’t scroll it out in and out that’s the only bad thing, and you have The list menu a lot of people actually like this. This version they don’t, like the 9 view up. I personally like this. This version the list view which is much better swiping it down and swiping it down here, as you can see, they both are similar. It looks much more bigger on the v wall fly too, because that is a bigger body as well. The screen to body ratio is good on these as well um. The screen placement is much more in the middle compared to the previous smart watches. I’Ve done, as you can see right, there let’s go into a light up, so you can show you, as you can see right there. So that’s the screen to body ratio on the viewer flight 3 and if you move to the v wall, fly 2. As you can see, it looks decent, so the screen ratio to body ratio is good on both of these there’s a lot more to go through. But if you want to see full reviews on both of these and make sure you check out swiping it up it’s in notifications, same again with the v wall fly uh, two and three, so i put them back down.

We can go nothing to the left and, if you’re nothing to the right and to the left, it goes to your menu. Probably same again with this um, we will fly three, which is same as you can see right there. So if you want to see the full ups then check out the review and i will go all through all the apps for you from there. My personal favorite is the vivo flight, 2 it’s uh same size as the original looks the same as the original. You got the bomb placement in the same places as well, and also the on and off button. The reward fly 3 is not so good uh, although it stays 44 millimeter it’s, not actually 44 millimeter, the crown is uh. You know much more uh it’s got a lot of lagging to it. You just move it about, and it just switches on to you um, but this is not the best of watching the v wall fly through is not the best. The only thing i don’t like about the v wall fly 2 is the crown not working. I have been told that there is a view of fly 4 out, so don’t worry i’ve got that on order, so i’ll be ordering that and checking that out so make sure you are subscribed for that anyways. I hope you enjoyed this quick comparison between these two. The viewer fly 2 and the v will fly 3.. If you want to see any other videos do.

Let me know in the comment section below, like i said, check out the previous videos for full reviews on both of these watches.