Can you watch entirely waterproof, hair and that’s the strap, jokey removable hair and it can easily fit according to your size, Music. Music? Can you say captioning not available the best thing about this watch that i think is it’s is its amazing price yeah watch out miljagi, but it is a copy and an excellent copy. According to me, opposite, they can’t tell you there you’ll be really happy Music, Music guidelines, Music, as i told you earlier here, straps removable, hair or yahamir process for coffee sari colors made available here, which is 1200 each amazing quality, colors right now. The colors that i have are rainbow golden black and ocean blue. Both convenient hair, easy to handle easy to remove easy to fit in Music. Me Music. You Music, stay close to me: Music, Music, Music. You say yes, Music, Music me. Lastly, i would like to thank the sponsor of today’s video and basically every video yay star city mall, so that’s it for today. Thank you for watching keep watching keep liking, keep subscribing.