Series 6 copy, that is the w26 smartwatch first let’s see the features of the watch. This double dms watch consists of several features which is compared to the apple smartwatch. It has 1.75 inches, that is 44 millimeter dial a square dial, but the 2.5 d curved glass makes it look very very premium. The straps are of great quality and build, and at the back of the watch we can see the four sensor lights, and here it is the two magnetic pin charger for charging the watch. Usually it takes around two house to charge the watch fully, and this is a working chrome button. You can use it also that button let’s switch on the watch and get in to its future. Now just hold the button for a second and that is switch off and in a few seconds it gets on it’s, so lightning, quick. We don’t, we just know how the time goes by so this is the watch face. I have selected you can change the custom watch face by just holding it and you’re going move by moving right, etc. You can also change the watch face by rotating the chrome button. That is this button just but rotate it. It is the touch since your watch is so responsive. You will fall in love with this w26 watch. So much when you swipe top to bottom. You can see the 9 shortcut menus a. I mean 6 shortcut menus when you swipe right to left.

You can see different features. You can change the menu style also, just by clicking this button and citing smart style, you can choose like a apple watch style here. You can go to any of the things and get back by just pressing the chrome button. First, let’s see top to bottom. This is the bluetooth power on off switch, and this is about button and what you see this is battery charge, indicator alarm and the name active app which we can be used to connect it to the phone it dis. Does everything a very decent rate you can easily zoom in zoom out just like the watch apple watch, the touch responsive is so so good. The battery backup is around one of when we don’t use all the features like heart rate, attacker, accelerometer, pedometer, ecg, etc. Let’S see what the future it has. I personally prefer this this nine apps icon, as it is easy and more convenient to use. Yes, first is the caller. When we connect to the phone it syncs, the all the contacts with the mobile which we are connecting with it next is the dialing. You can dial any number. You want the call locks, the message reader, the alarm, bluetooth indicator steps tracker find my phone, which is a essential feature. Sleep tracking heart rate monitor daily activities, ecg temperature check sp. The watch also gets our spo2 indicator. You can change the language whichever you want. You can see that you can capture the camera of your phone with just clicking the button idle display.

It shows how long you sit idle. You can control the music when you connect it with the phone. The calendar is also available in the next video.