The super copy, our replica for the apple series, six, so yes, it’s a series, six super copy or replica smartwatch, as you can see, it’s a leading, a healthy lifestyle, that’s interesting and you have a little image on the box on the outside, which shows a full Screen watch place so that’s what you might find in the box on the back. It says model wf, 46, cpu, rtl62c, bluetooth, 5.0 battery capacity, 208 amps watch size 44 mm are 38 mm, 10.7 mm waterproof level, ip68 touchscreen full screen touch package, so what’s in the packaging is a smartwatch plus a charger. Plus i use a manual i said made in china, so let us see what’s in the box. So once you pull the box, you already seen the charger and, as you can see, a little piece of the watch is there so you’re sure that the watch on the charger is in the box, so let’s take it out. So first things: first, as you can see, this is the wireless starter same as the original. So once you see a watch, a smartwatch with a wireless charger, you know you can expect awesome result from this watch right, so that’s how i restart, and then you have the smartwatch, which the bands are already in so it’s easy access and last but not least, The user manual so it’s in chinese writing our language, so the use of money was always come with one side in chinese and one side in english, so let’s see about this one yeah.

So this side is in is english and the next side is chinese. So all important information about the watches here, how to use and all the function in of the watch and there you have a qr code to download apps, and this laser manual is full of information and it’s very thick. We don’t normally see that with the normal watches, warranty details and we reminded the people, a user manual is very important. People don’t really use the user manuals, especially we as dominicans – and you know, user manual is very important, so yeah, nice user manual, so let’s check out the watch. The bands already feel very thick more like the original other than some other silicon bun silicone bond they’re. Very thin, this one is very thick. As you can see, it has the right thing. It says what series 6 4mm aluminum i can’t see. Aluminums are my case, so there it is full black condition. So no button is here, but you have a mic hole right here with one one crown one and no speakers at the back and i think that’s the reason why this one is fully weld approved because you know the cheap qualities they state that they are full Waterproof, but they are not you probably it’s, probably splash proof, but not for the waterproof, but this one is so let’s pull the bun out and see how easy me guys. This is very smooth, as you can see i’m, not really fighting.

I just apply a little pressure on it and it’s out so that’s very good for improvement. Very, very easy, so let’s pour it on so there you have it full screen. Just before we go there let’s see how many watch faces on this watch. So we have one two three, four five and you can custom a watch face, but when you customize one of these watch faces will remove. So you only can have five watchers at a time on it and the only watch face can be removed. Is the last one which is this so, as you can see, i have a w46 on my hand, so that’s mine with the custom watch, face uploaded by the apps. So, yes, you can upload. Your watch faces so let’s swipe down. This is the icon to show when it’s connected and when it’s not put your percentage. Here you have the watch. Information model model watch 6 mc.version 1.0.1. Then you have unarmed. You can set alarm but from the apps, then you can change it. Smart style r9 grid, which is nine ups, then you have the qr code. You can scan to download apps right here so that they’ll live so that’s. It so let’s show you the app style so swipe to your right and you have the apps. So the nine of style are nine grid style, now i’m gon na switch it to nine grid, so that’s, an angle style. Okay, so let’s take a quick look on all these apps functions do so.

This is the music. Obviously, this will only work when the watch is connected. I think mine is connected, so let’s see if the music helps will work yes, so this is what it looks like. So you can next previously four five, six, seven, eight nine ten. So this was just 10 exercising activities. This watch is mostly focused on fitness. However, this watch does not support audio card. You can receive calls on it or reject calls, but you won’t be able to answer. As you can see, this watch has no speed on the book. You also won’t be able to see the contact name that you receive in the call from, but you will see the number you can search for the watch here when it’s connected message can receive a message here, no message because it’s not connected – and i can show You all the messages that comes with my my what’s up swipe up, so you see facebook what’s up, instagram, what’s up it’s, all the messages, you’ll receive all messages and you also can delete messages, delete all messages. No, so if you want, you can delete one separately. Brightness entering it up and turning down, so you can see better and everybody would everyone know that applause is a as a very, very bright screen, so these watch are not really different. If i turn the brightness up, you can you will not be able to see the watch um screen, so you can set a stopwatch.

I can use a stopwatch on this. As i said alarm. Oh i’m, not i’m, not swiping, properly, so yeah, so um weather, partly cloudy it’s, not connected, so that information is not accurate at the moment, yeah so that’s. Basically, it all settings language display vibrant instantly menu style system, so you can set it to vibrate how many times you want when you get a message and you can’t change it back to smart style, so you don’t only have too many style. I, like the original smart style more so that’s. It so let’s see the charger on a recharge. Try this so so! Basically, we charge the screen indicator in the charger indicates when the watch is full and when it’s charging so once it’s blinking means it’s charging when it’s stopped blink it’s full you don’t have the turned watch screen on to see if it’s slow, so it’s a wireless Charger magnetic wireless charger, so you just hit it on the back like that and it will start charging. So you can see very, very, very, very nice watch. So if you’re looking a nice watch, nice big screen fully waterproof. This is the right watch to go. For now these are budget watches. Not the originals still have to say that again, because many people will still ask if it’s original so that’s it. How does it look? I realize what’s like every day and they say seven days back to life, but i trust me.

I have this watch longer very longer than that very very longer than seven days and if you don’t use as in not connected um to your bluetooth and wear it, you will get at least two months from this watch. I can guarantee so yeah. This watch is very, very, very good and it’s the best i see so far in the super copies. So yes, this watch is the piss watch i’m. The perfect watch to go for, if you’re looking at budget watch. If you need one of these watch, a link we’ll leave down um down below in the description for you to purchase one of these watch. So until next time. Oh before i go, i need to show you um the hubs. I need to give you a short review of the apps and how it’s connected and what you can do from the apps.