So let’s start by taking a look around the box. So on the front we have a picture that is supposed to resemble the apple watch series. Six on this side, it says leading a healthy lifestyle. Here we have some specs and on the back and other side, we have nothing so with that out of the way let’s get right into the unboxing Music. Alright. So now that the shrink wrap has been removed, let’s go ahead and take this out of the box. Okay, so here’s, where the watch is supposed to be looks like it. Uh fell through let’s. Take this thing out, and here we have the watch itself. It’S upside down right here, we’ll get to that in a moment inside we have the charger which actually looks to be a nice little wireless charger. You can just set it on. Lastly, we have a manual that is in chinese it’s, also in english, so moving the rest of the stuff off to the side, go ahead and take a look at the watch. All right. So first thing, we’ll notice is that the watch comes with a apple watch. Replica silicon band, even with the same little dot down here as you can see. Additionally, it has a similar rotating crown to the real apple watch and what may or may not be a fake heart rate sensor on the back. I guess we’ll just have to find out one more thing before i power this thing on i’m, going to take off the screen protector, so let’s get this thing powered up and there it goes it vibrated and it looks like it is now on that’s monday, the 31St, which is not the correct day – and it also has an incorrect time so let’s get right into it, so the interface is not very fluid.

As you can see, it’s running like very slowly, oh wow, there we have all our apps and this is kind of imitating the apple watch ui. I wonder if turning the crown zooms in and out doesn’t look like turning the crown. Does anything actually let’s go back to it, though here we have all our apps get into those in a moment swiping this way we have exercises all right. So let’s start off by taking a look at the control center, so here’s control center and there is no words under each thing to tell you what it does and it looks like some buttons don’t necessarily do anything there’s your battery level, qr code. What happens if i tap on that Music, if you qr code i’m, assuming that’s to download the app but i’ll check it out in a moment, here’s the info button alarms and, lastly, we have menu style so right now, it’s in smart style. What happens if we click on nine grids see this might actually be a bit easier, considering that the crown doesn’t actually do anything so let’s go and start taking a look at all these apps, alright, so first off we have the pedometer. Pretty simple tells you, your steps looks like there’s, nothing else really to it. Clicking that doesn’t do anything steps, calories, burned, kilometers walked next up. We have sleep tracking same idea, so our next little app here is a heart rate sensor, a good, easy way to test.

If it’s fake, if i just hold my my finger on it, shouldn’t be able to read i’ll see if it gets a reading, this graph is clearly fake, but we’ll see. If the reading is fake, it is giving me a reading from my finger and what happens if i remove my finger it’s still giving the reading, so this does seem like it is clearly fake. It shouldn’t be changing if there’s nothing on it. This is not a real heart rate sensor. Unfortunately, next we have the temperature. I don’t know how accurate this is going to be, but we’ll, let it see, looks like this fake, just like the heart rate, monitor app. Next, we have this little o2 icon and again i’m gon na go out in the limb and say this is probably a fake sensor. Next up we have ecg this one. I can almost guarantee you is fake, uh, most watches that are in the 200 range don’t. Even seem to have ecg sensors, you got to pay more for that and considering the price of this thing, i’m gon na pretty much guarantee that this is not a real ecg sensor and the last step on this first page is music. So, assuming that it needs to be connected to bluetooth, so we’ll come back to that one starting off the next page. We have women’s health i’m. Assuming this is some sort of menstrual tracker and as a man, i will not be able to properly test this next.

We have exercise looks like we got a lot of different ones. Here got a good list next step. We have weather 20 degrees and partly cloudy let’s check. If that is true, unfortunately, it seems like that one is fake, as well as my galaxy watch, which is my daily driver for my smart watch. Uh does say it is 34 and partly sunny. That is pretty far from the number that was given by this apple watch. Knockoff. Then we have what is this one minute, two minute, ah it’s, breathing exercises? This is supposed to be stress. Relief, oh it’s, vibrating, it says inhale. You know they actually did a pretty good job with the vibration motor. It feels like it feels pretty sturdy and nice uh. It does imitate the apple watch pretty well, except for the screen seems to be running at just a few frames per second, which is nowhere near as fluid, and this little crown here doesn’t actually do anything but let’s move on to the next app all right. Next, we have what looks like an alarm app there. It goes all right, no alarms all right next up on the app list we have a stopwatch seems to work. Fine again, as you can see, this video is being recorded in 60 frames per second, and the watch is probably moving at five or six. This is kind of horrendous. Unfortunately, next up we have countdown again, probably i’m, guessing the same situation.

Put it on two seconds. There it goes and it’s vibrating right now. If i set it on a table, you might be able to hear that next up, we have one that i’m definitely going to need to connect to bluetooth for, but that is notice no notice, okay, that’s notifications. This is screen brightness. It doesn’t actually change that much from the dimmest to the brightest. As you can see here, this is the dimmest and the brightest, not any major changes, but i’ll leave it right in the middle. Just a quick side note here, the remainder of the apps to be shown are those that were seen in the control center at the beginning of the video, which is why i will be skipping them. So that covers the features, but how does it feel so holding it in my hands? It feels pretty hefty. Actually i like the weight of it, a lot it doesn’t feel too heavy, not too light really doesn’t feel all that cheap. To be honest, however, once you look at it, you might start noticing how cheap it is, especially within the software, but right now i’m going to take off my current watch and put it on and see how it feels. So here it is, and quite honestly it feels pretty good. I don’t have a big issue with how this feels it is a bit lighter than my galaxy watch active but that’s, not necessarily a bad thing, it’s, not so light to the point where it feels cheap.

It honestly feels decently well made especially the body you know for the price, the screen kind of it’s, not that edge to edge type thing, but it curves pretty. Well, it doesn’t go all the way around, but it looks nice for the price, i’m sure it’s pretty low quality, but overall it looks nice. It feels pretty nice and the body seems to be made well all right. So now it’s time to test out the bluetooth features of this device, so i went ahead and got a phone to pair it with and we are going to find out how they work. So the first thing i’m going to do is scan this qr code. So i’m, assuming that goes to the app that is supposed to be used so i’m heading to that url now and let’s see where it takes me. Here we go so i can go to a google play download here’s the app that goes with the watch. So i’m going to install that and get right back to you guys all right. So the watch should be all paired up now, so we’re going to try and test out some of its bluetooth functionality. So first off let’s check on message, notifications and we have none. So i’m going to have a message sent to it and see if it comes up all right so i’m going to send the message now and let’s see if it pops up on the watch and there it is next let’s test out bluetooth, music, let’s, try and Get something playing and see if it works alright.

So here we have a music video playing and let’s try and play pause there. It goes it pauses, let’s hit play again and it plays and fast forward it skips to the next video. So it does seem to work pretty much perfectly in this sense, all right. So now let’s test the find my phone app. You click the little search button here and the phone starts ringing and buzzing now. The last thing i’m going to test is the accuracy of the pedometer so i’m, going to count out 200 steps i’m going to take them and i’m going to see how many it counts out. So let’s do that now now i actually did end up being at about 10 steps when it started. So i counted about 176 of my 200 steps overall it’s, not the most accurate thing in the world, but it worked fine enough in the end for the price. This is a decent looking, decent feeling and okay performing apple watch clone. It does have a lot of fake apps from heart rate monitors to ecgs. However, a lot of the apps on it also work pretty well, such as the music control or the messaging reading notifications and find my phone it’s really up to you. If you want the look of the apple watch, this thing actually comes pretty close to. It feels pretty nice and looks kind of decent if you want the performance of the apple watch. This is not for you there’s no app store, so what you see is what you get and half the apps don’t work in the first place with that said, i want to give a huge thank you to wogalon.