Another series – 6 clone that we have here, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always pull sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, anyways let’s get straight into it. I don’t, like the design of the box. You’Ve got three different watch faces with the watch in the middle as well. With the watch band uh, you have a watch six on the side um. This is the black version. It comes in five different colors as well. Purchased this from aliexpress, so you can just tap in w6 you’ll be able to find them the cooler it says here. Smart watch take a look at the back. This is just copy and pasted from every of the smartwatch include smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatch is not a medical device. Battery life charge cycles and display life may vary by use and settings. Smart watch may need to be serviced or be replaced by authorized service provider and provider is called wrong. Few trademarks made in china, as is everything else, and a few of the features it’s got so you can make calls got heart rate, which is fake, um switch count to whatever calories and your distance you’ve walked and whatever, i think, that’s the thing so let’s get Straight into it, what do we get inside the box so straight out of the box, you get the manuals which come in two different languages.

So here is the english version. If you want to pause it and read it it’s up to you to show you what uh to expect with the watch and how to use it. This qr code is for the app that you need to download on your smartphone, which will check later, when you put it in this language right here. So that is the manuals, a different kind of look on manuals as well. Taking a look at the watch, as you can see, you got a picture and it’s a smart watch at the bottom. It comes with two watch bands as well. So, as you can tell, the color, is black we’ve got black smart watch, so it comes with the number one band which we have right here is the normal band. That is the smartwatch which we have right here. We’Ll, take a look. After what else do we get inside the box? You’Ve got a two pin magnetic charger, as you can see right here, and also a loop black band, which is really really good. I might be using this on my original if it fits but that’s what we get inside the box. Let’S take a look at the smartwatch, and here we have it, so they have advertised this as a 44 millimeter. But in my opinion it looks much more like a 40 millimeter. The screen is 1.78 inch display. The chipset is mtk mtk2502c as well. The app you need to download is lee phone, where you can actually use it any uh above 5.

0, android or ios, 9 and above as well, bluetooth, 4.0 and 3.0 and it’s got a 220 mah battery, which means this uh usage time is around seven days and The standby time is around 60 days as well, and it is ip68 waterproof, but if you want to check if a water test on this make sure you let me know in the comment section below so that is some of the features with this. We need to see what we have inside, but just before we take a look at that. We’Ll take a look at the body, as you can see here. You’Ve got a bezel at the bottom, but you’ll know more of that when i switch it on so you’ve got a crown uh as well a micro towel and a button right here, but this button is actually fake. It does not work just it’s. Just a show button, but it doesn’t work. So everything you have to do with the crown right here. We’Ll take a look at the crown if it scrolls late in the video, so take a look at the back it’s, a really old version of the sensors and also the text around the census: bluetooth watch, series, 6, 44, millimeter, aluminium and ceramic well. It’S, nice serum a um, a number spelt it right, ecg heart rate: you got the two pin charger right there and that is it. You’Ve got two speaker grills one is fake. One is real, as you can see right there.

So let’s switch this on by pushing in the crown you’ve got a welcome logo right here. Do we have a tone? I’M, pretty sure that’s the old samsung tone. So you got welcome with the animation and straight into a watch face so let’s go and take a look at the watch faces. I know i did actually say in the uh so in my social media, that this has a dual interface. Well, it doesn’t, so they’ve actually led you into buying one of these and it doesn’t have a dual interface. I’Ve checked this watch and it doesn’t. So that is definitely a fake advertising right there. So let’s go into uh the watch faces so we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, like 35 watch, Faces i thought they were going past the same one back then, but yeah they have some really good and new watch faces as well. Let’S just pick up a new one that we’ve seen that one check that out lemons is that lemon noise look like a lemon. So that is one of the white faces when you press in it doesn’t do anything so it’s, not dynamic, swiping it down you’ve got to connect it to your phone, so that’s notifications once you swipe it down, so i put it back up.

It gives you the quick shortcut so you’ve got bluetooth. You’Ve got your torch, which doesn’t do anything your brightness, you can switch it up and down uh swipe back. Does work as well. You’Ve got your loud and your mute. This one. The bottom left here is your menu interface. You’Ve got two you’ve got a smart style and a uh. Your list view sorry – and this is your battery as well. You’Ve got no power low power mode. It just shows you um the battery percentage and i think the battery is low. So let me just show you what watch um? What list menu interface we have so here is the list menu let’s, swipe it back up, and here is the smart menu. Does the crown work, no, it doesn’t, so it does not scroll. You have to scroll it with yourself. So this is like. Like i said earlier, this is a hd screen. I forgot to mention it’s a hd screen uh. It definitely looks really good. It’S. Definitely attention to detail the twitch sensitivity is really really good, as well it’s a little bit laggy, but not as like as the previous ones. I’Ve done, but yeah the menu is really good and the screen is definitely hd. Ips display as well so let’s go back and put it into list and let’s see what list view we have so we’ve got phone book. Of course you need to connect that to your phone same with dialer sports choice, you can choose between.

We can’t, which kind of sports you’re doing and go back there heart rate let’s check the heart rate. This is a different interface heart rate as well so let’s uh measure you just hit the heart rate and you’ve got flashing, light right there, and will it show it while it’s off an object? If it does, then it’d probably be the same as you can see right there. This is definitely a new interface when it comes to heart rate. It gives you a graph view as well, and it does show you a heart rate when it’s not even an object on even on an object or a wrist. So that goes to show that it’s just a fake reading. But i do like the interface on this, which is really good, so let’s go into messaging that’s the same as well. You got to connect it to your phone. I’Ll show you that later calculator same as previous ones, where the same again you’ve got to which in shenzhen is 22 degrees, which is really good better than here it’s snowing here, uh you’ve got your calendar there. Sleep monitor, it’s, definitely got new interfaces as well stopwatch, as you can see, and you’ve got your reminders. Pedometer the calorie you’ve been steps. You’Ve taken, uh let’s just go into alarm. First, you can capture new alarm, loft alert. You need to activate your phone first find phone same again, bluetooth connected to your phone remote capture, connected to your phone call log same again, notifier same again connected to your phone blood pressure at the same uh.

This also has a graph view as well. Let’S just show you blood pressure to see if that gives us a reading, um it’s, probably going to be a fake one as well it’s, not as it’s, not on an object, it’s going to show you in real time how long it takes as well, because this Part is taking a bit of its time and and there it is flashing as well as you can see right there. Well, it stopped flashing and because it gave us a reading of 96 over 117, so that’s definitely fake same again. It gives you a graph view of the blood oxygen bluetooth. 5.0. You can search your bluetooth right there, uh siri as well you’ve got siri option. I will show you later in the video where you just tap this button right here and you cannot siri anything and it will give you answer onto the phone which i’ll show you later in the video. So that is the menu let’s go back into settings. To show you what you can change, uh, bluetooth settings same again, power visibility is on clock. You can sync it once you’ve connected it to your phone or you can change the time in the settings. Sound again. You can change it to a loud or muted volume. You can change it main menu style. You only got two as you can tell. I did say that it has a dual display interface, but it doesn’t so that’s.

Definitely false advertising right. There motion: you got three motions, as you can see: uh international. You can change the language and quick response, that’s, just a qr code for the app you need to download reset and about which is w6 device version and release time. So what we need to do now is connect it to the phone and see what other features we get. We can do with it as well. All right here we go let’s uh, make sure bluetooth is on on the watch so swipe it up. Uh search for new device let’s make sure my bluetooth is on here. Yes, it is now so searching let’s go into settings. Uh w6 is connected. What we need to do now is go into the app and see if it’s connected, which we have like right here. Leaf on go there go into the w6 connected, as you can see now, with everything else. What you’ve got to do is make sure you connect it twice in the settings, because you want all the phone calls and notifications to go from your phone to the smartwatch to make sure it is connected twice on the settings uh to get the full feature. So let’s go back into the app and see what else we can do on this w6. Pretty basic. To be honest, the only thing you can do is well connect. It let’s connect in it’s connected. So the only thing you can do is synchronize the time.

We’Ll pair it and it’s gon na ask for notifications, allow notifications and that’s it. So that is connected. The only thing you can do, uh on the watch from the smartphone is synchronize time, weather language and all the data and find watch. As you can see right there, you can’t change, no watch faces or nothing like that for you all. The information gets synced to your smartphone from your health apps and your peda me to the steps you’re taking my device. It just gives you an information about your device that’s about it, so you can’t change anything which is not good. To be honest, you can’t change, no watch faces or anything like that, which is not good, even if you’re connected it’ll just go straight back to there. So that is it for the app to be honest, there’s, not a lot. You can do on the app uh now what i’ll do is i’ll just show you some of the features. So if you go into siri and i’ll show you what you can do, search search also on youtube here are some videos about thoughts. I found on the web that voices come from the watch and, as you can see here, siri has searched some of all sorts of videos on youtube check this out. Let’S. Do it again search all sorts on youtube. Here are some videos of our thoughts i found on the web. Have a look check that out and that’s come the voices come from the watch, so that’s really good.

Now, let’s check some of the notifications from the apps and the phone calls all right. I’M. Just going to make a phone call from my other watch to see what kind of call interface we get as you can see here: it’s, not the name it’s, just the number but it’s the name of the phone. As you can see, switching it off you just then it should give you and a notification of someone the call as you can see. He also missed call. So you can get notification from anywhere to be honest from your text. Messages to your whatsapp i’m. Just sending a whatsapp message and you’ve got two notifications and, as you can see, it shows you the notifications right there. It shows me notifications from youtube studio as well, which is really really good and that’s about it. So you can get a lot of notifications from instagram facebook, uh youtube text messages whatsapp anything like that. But overall here is the w6 smartwatch a bit of false advertising, which i didn’t like because they said you can get two new interfaces which you can change. The background, which definitely can’t i might be mistaken if i am then make sure you, let me know in the comments below but i’ve definitely checked all around the watch and you can’t do it.