If you are no longer satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund anytime before november 12, 2020 using the in game flow and then in parentheses, it says no refund token required thanks for playing. So basically, they changed something with this skin, which i’ll show you in just a second, and if you feel like you got violated from this change, then i guess you can refund it for free. If you want so that’s, not bad, let me show you what they did, though it’s nothing extreme. But if you follow the nfl and you watch football you’ll know exactly what they did so here. He is right here, end zone, part of the fourth down set, and you can see he has selectable styles. So this is where the change came. So the whole selling point of the nfl skins is that you could choose your favorite nfl team right. So unfortunately, there was some controversy around one of the nfl teams: the washington redskins, a lot of people thought that was racist, especially towards native americans, so they got cancelled cultured into changing their name and now they’re, just the washington football team. So, as you can see i’m assuming the s, this is them right here. They literally just changed it to washington and they took the logo away. It was like the indian chief with the feathers, so this is the change they had to take that out. They removed the logo and basically you’re just left with their colors.

These are the real colors it’s, just there’s no logo now, because they are the wft, the washington football team. So because of that change, you still have all the other officially licensed teams. Everything else is exactly the same: they didn’t change anything else. All the other teams are perfect, as they are so that’s. The only change washington football team is no longer the washington redskins and you lost the logo. In my opinion, that’s, not a big change. I didn’t buy the skin for washington to be fair. Probably nobody likes washington they’re, not good in real life. I apologize if you’re a fan of the redskins or the washington football team, but they’re really not good trust me, but if you think this is a big enough change to warrant a refund, let me show you how you do that so let’s see how this works. You have to go to settings and then account and privacy and i’m assuming right here under lifetime return request. Let me see what this does. Yes there. It is right there, the free refund, for the endzone, so i purchased this okay. I didn’t purchase that today, that’s today’s date isn’t it that is today’s date. I don’t know so i’m going to click it. I don’t really want to refund it. I just want to see what happens and it looks like you get 1500 v bucks back for it. It won’t, let you push anything here, so it automatically goes to accidental purchase and then you submit it right here now, i’m, not going to do that because i don’t want to return it.

I, like the football skin i’m, a big fan of the lions and the browns and a few other teams so i’m keeping it and, as you can see, i have zero refund tokens left. So it is true, you can refund it even with zero tokens. So there you go that’s how you refund it. If you’re a big washington football fan team and you don’t like that, they took the redskins logo away and it just broke your heart, ruined your fortnite skin. You can refund it or i guess if you need a quick 1500 v bucks and you don’t run the skin ever you may as well refund it get your 1500 v. Bucks back buy something else. So there you go that’s all there is to it that’s. Why? The end zone, skin or any other of the football skins was changed and thus giving you a free refund. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.