It is the eow 26 smartwatch. This smartwatch is the same size as the evo 12 pro, and it is the first apple watch copy. With the infinite screen now let’s see the box. It is the plain white box and it has two color, the black and silver color. Today we got the black color, now let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a watch and inside the there is a menu and we can see it can change its jobs and the app is finding and the magnetic charger. Now let’s see the watch you can see it is the same size as the eo 12 pro. It is 44 millimeter at least watch. It has only one button. There is no long button here and then let’s see the back, and here is the charging pins and also there are some writings in the back of the watch. Also, this watch is ip68 waterproof. You can put in water, but do not put in for long time and no salted water and warm water. Okay and this smartwatch can change straps and it fits all those 44 millimeter apple watch, straps, okay, now let’s power on the smartwatch. Today, we own in got the version with english and chinese and later the global version will be available and we choose english. Firstly, we can see the screen is very big and then let’s check those watch faces inside it has seven watch faces now. Let’S see some quick actions from the top to the bottom.

You can see the bluetooth connection about the battery level, alarm, clock, the qr code and the menu style. You can change here directly now, let’s see the ui design and the list run. Button has no function and we can see these icons has new design and they are more beautiful. Okay, now let’s change to the night apps wheel, we can see the infinity screen can give better experience now. Let’S check those functions. This is the phone book, the dialer and the call logs the message. This need to connect the smartwatch with the phone and the bluetooth and steps and menu style, anti lost, sleep, monitor hatred and the ecg and the sentence reminder and the spot. It has totally eight spot mode and the qr code. This is the sports history and temperature. This is also a new feature and the blood pressure and the alarm clock calendar and the music. We can see this smartwatch. You can control the volume next time. We will try this function and brutus camera the stopwatch and the calculator and the wake up gesture and the language list, and then the setting the bluetooth settings the clock. If you want to change the time you need click the time stack to off, then you can change the date and time by yourself and the new notification bright and the sound there are several alert type and the volume display and you can change the main menu Style, the brightness and the screen time out here and the unit to reset and about we can see the device name is watch 6.

, Music, Music, that’s, all those functions in this smartwatch and we will connect the smartwatch with the phone and the test more functions.