Now last week i didn’t have a watchery wednesday. I live on the east coast. It’S been snowing here like crazy and our focus is cleaning up snow and hurt my back digging out the car and stuff. So i was a little under the weather, so i didn’t get to shoot a watch review wednesday. So this week, there’s a watch review wednesday, but before we get to the watch review wednesday, the box, and why and the meaning behind it and to remind you to watch the video before this one? Okay, just go down in my videos, it’s gon na be right before this one i’m gon na put it up two parts like one in the morning one in the afternoon, so you guys can take a look at it, but before we do that, we give that Thumbs up now, i’ve been having a discussion because there’s certain people youtube wherever and on forums and all that stuff talking about mainly invicta, watches and other watches, saying, they’re, cheap and all that fun junk that they talk, not the watch. The talk is a chunk anyway. So i decided to do a video a few weeks ago about you know why people got ta talk about what other people enjoy and love, and i said in that video i said, and that video you can check out down below as well, but i said that Basically, you know if you see something you like and you want to buy it or watch whatever it may be, and it’s something you enjoy take a hold of it, buy it use it enjoy it because you’re the person that you’re buying it for you’re the person That you’re pleasing you’re pleasing yourself, not these other people, don’t be getting caught up in all this all it’s this and it’s, not that and it’s.

Not this brand, then it’s, not that brand. It didn’t cost this and it don’t cause that hey, if you like it like it, i know before i started getting into invectors, i was in you know, kind of like uh. You know the fashion, watches and stuff i kind of like those. I worked in a watch store before, as i mentioned in other videos. I worked in a watch tour for a while. It was a they sold other brands, but they had fossil watches there, mostly and brands that were made by fossil. There was a few other brands. Besides that it was called modern watch, it was for a very short time that they had it, but you know basically that’s where i got into watches more than i used to be. I was into watches of always, but that kind of got me more into it but, like i said, no matter the watch whatever now i threw down the gauntlet and i said i’ve, you know you could go to walmart and get a 20 watch that you like And enjoy now, if you watch the other video, i did see several watches there and i did show a few now i try to get a watch that’s for every occasion. So if you’re spending just twenty dollars and that’s it, this watch will fit all the occasions. That’S, why i picked this one? I did see some casios and some timex and all that there that were nice like cool, i really like some of the old school digital ones.

I would really like to add that to my collection as well, because i’d like to have some of that classic stuff. Besides my invictus and fossils – and you know uh g shock and all that i like to have a little bit of everything and um. I think that’s the best way to kind of you know um. How do you say it? That is the best way to have a collection a little bit of everything, because this way it represents every aspect of watches. You know some people, just like digital watches. Some people don’t, like the analog style, watch they’re just into digital that’s, fine it’s, whatever you like don’t, go because some person i’m not going to call names it’s, not worth it just because some person was like. Oh, you got to buy this watch because it’s this expensive or not and blah blah blah, no, you buy whatever anyway now this watch the dial may not fit every outfit or whatever, but i really like the way it looked. I think it looks nice, and that is walmart’s. Brand kind of like target has good fellow that’s kind of walmart’s signature. Now i said 20 watch challenge and i’m challenging other people to do this as well. Hopefully, people watch my videos who collect like um there’s. A few people that i’ve watched their videos as well that have watched videos and i would like them to join in if they would go to walmart twenty dollars boom, get the watch just to show people.

You can do it so, as you saw in the first video, i was looking at a ton of watches, but this is what i got and i stayed way under the twenty dollars. I’Ve seen some that were 19.. I was like i could do that, but i was like nah. I want to keep it low below 20., so 8.88 did not break the bank that’s for sure long, life, battery, removable adjustable links and one year limited warranty, so you’re actually getting adjustable links in the whole line with it. So i did cut the plastic off the back, but i didn’t take it out or anything yet and i’m already seeing something i don’t like i’m, just taking out the box. So you all can get a look at it and there’s a little eight dollar tag and it was 888. Now i like it, i think it’s nice, i think it can. You know you could wear every day with a t jeans and a t, shirt or a sweater or whatever, and you could also dress it up with a nice button down shirt, wear it to work if you’re going out for something birthday party, whatever yes, it’s, not Um, i don’t think women it’s base metal, bezel stainless steel. Actually it does have the little mark right there. So if you need to get it to focus first but right there bezel, you can put the tool in there and open it up now.

Let me just take a closer look at the links because it does say removable links. I don’t know exactly how these links are removed well, before we get to all that jelly junk stuff. Whatever you want to call it. Let me put it on. I did not have to adjust it as you can see, she’s pretty decent looking. I think it can fit all occasions. I don’t know about you guys, but i believe it could fit all locations. It’S a pretty cool watch um. Let me see a little. The crown not the best in the world that’s a little too loose from my taste, but definitely this could fit all occasions. If it had maybe a white or a black face, it would have been just that much better. I think the numerals, the way they’re done kind of you know puts it um, yeah that’s a better thing, so you can see it better. I think the way they put the normals with the little uh marks. I think it even adds a little more classiness to it. So if you wanted to use it as like work or dress, oh wait a minute. I found it. I did find it there. If you look right there on that there i got a good picture right. There you can actually remove the pins. The only gripe i have other than if the face was black or white would have been cooler is. Why is that silver that i don’t, like so much it’s, extremely lightweight that’s for sure, especially when you’re a person that wears invicta watches? This is like super lightweight and it did come with an instruction booklet right here.

So let me see well instruction paper booklet. Whatever you want to say, oh yeah, there we go oh it’s kind of a universal because it does have like the rubber bands. But look there you go so if you do want to change the links or whatever. Oh, that is if it was a chronograph. The positioning of the crown and now you know just use the tool to take out the pins to adjust your links, so it would fit you. Fortunately, i don’t have to do that because it fits perfectly. I will rock this watch. I will go out with it and i will add it to my collection. So, as you can see it’s a pretty cool looking watch, i think, is it gon na get looks like some of my invictus nope, but guess what? If you want to go and buy a watch to have a watch to tell time don’t want to break the bank, if that’s all you can afford you’re just starting out whatever this is a watch you can use. This is what you can purchase so i’m telling you go out and do it guys it doesn’t have to be 10, 000 or 500 or whatever it could be. 20 bucks not even 20 bucks, eight dollars, it didn’t even go past 10 bucks and it feels pretty decent i’m like moving around and it’s good. So with that said to all the the youtube watch, people i’ll go drop.

The mic. Take the challenge: go to walmart with 20 bucks, see what you can get. If you want to do the 20, you want to get one of these watches whatever now i just bought the watch to be an all around watch for, like everything but like i said there was some cool digital one, so we might be revisiting walmart and i Don’T get a classic casio, because cassio’s are pretty classic and they’re pretty cool. Everybody can relate and likes cassie. You know what i’m saying so i’m telling you everybody do it. If i was you, okay have a great night. Thank you everybody for watching this and please take the challenge. Okay, show everyone that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a watch all right. Thank you so much enjoy collecting.