The epson smart canvas out of japan, the seiko watch from 2011, using a solar panel charging unit, countless iterations of e ink watches from sony and, of course, the pebble which isn’t technically e ink it’s just a tft monochrome screen. This, however, is true e ink. This is the watchy by sqfmi. It is an e paper watch with wi fi, bluetooth and, most importantly, it’s. An actual smart watch, it’s fully open source. You can see by the back here. They have tons of different components on board and they basically map it out. For you has microsd usb built in wi, fi, bluetooth, accelerometer, gesture detection, real time, clock vibration, motor tactile buttons and a 200 by 200 e paper display. This road map is an exact layout of what the watch brings to the table. We’Re gon na unbox this. For you guys just on camera here, because we’ve never used this, we have not. We have no idea what to expect we’ve, never seen this company before and we hope to do some business with these guys once we get a sense of what their device brings to the table. So this slides out, like so nothing else on the inside sleeve, put that off to the side. For now now we have the watchy inner envelope, so we slide that open and there we go. So this is the thing so there’s a duck there that says woo. That is very comical. We love that, so you can see they show you how to build this right.

Here you put the panels on there and then you slide the ribbon cable through the side, slip that on and then put the watch thing over so we’re, just gon na do a very quick, compile and then continue on and just like that in a matter of Seconds not really your watch is all compiled. That was extremely difficult, because the diagram actually doesn’t look like the battery that you get at all so and actually after this step, it doesn’t tell you where to put the battery. It should be kind of self explanatory, but it really wasn’t because of the exposed cable on the side and the fact that the battery had a 3m sticky tape, but it didn’t have anywhere to actually latch onto except the exposed pcb so there’s, nothing else in the Box in terms of housing or anything like that, so there’s, nothing really you can use and it effectively just tells you to start using it, as is so. You take off the little thing like that, and there is your watch. So you do have the usb cable on the side, and you do have the uh exposed battery cables here and the pcb is entirely exposed pretty much head to toe. It is a little bit of a mystery. This guy and your finished product is a very much unfinished look. However, we are going to review this all the same, and let you guys know how this turns out and how this works as an actual e ink smartwatch, as they are telling you right here.

We’Ll keep you guys, updated and stay tuned for a full review. Video for now this is everything that comes in the box with the watchi by sqfmi for